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The opening day for Blogworld was a great success. While aimed mostly at corporate attendees–the real geeks get here today–there was still enough of a buzz surrounding the inaugural conference.

I spoke on two different panels.

The first looked at SEO for blogs, and I was joined by Vanessa Fox, Stephen Spencer, and Aaron Wall. WebProNews was there filming the session and they put together a video summary for you to enjoy.

I also joined a great panel of social media marketers–Paul Dunay, Paul Gillin. Tom Gerace, Maggie Fox–to discuss how companies can integrate social media with their normal marketing efforts.

K T Cat took excellent notes of the panel if you’d like a recap.

I got to meet a number of great bloggers for the first time–including Dave Taylor, Jim Kukral, Brian Solis, Andy Wibbels, and many more!

Now if you’ll excuse me, the exhibit hall opens today. Dozens of companies with cool blogging toys! Christmas has come early!

  • Thanks for the link! I really enjoyed your session.

  • Zen

    “The real geeks get here today” LOL 😀

  • @Zen – yeah the geek factor (of which I contribute to) went way up. Attendee numbers went from 100 to 1500.

    @K T Cat – thanks for taking the notes – love the name of your blog! 🙂

  • Andy, great to meet you in person, and your wife. Was a great show eh? I had a great time for sure.

  • @Jim – back at you! Don’t forget to drop me a note when your widget fits 160px width. 😉

  • Hey Andy – it was a pleasure being on the panel with you. I thought we had a great discussion, and it was extremely nice to finally meet you in person!

  • @Maggie – it was a pleasure to meet you too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and helping to make the panel interesting for all–me included!

  • Andy, it was great to meet you finally. I enjoyed having lunch next to you and your wife on the “geek” day. As we touched on, it was an impressive first show. They obviously hired organizing staff with much experience. Other long running conferences have more (non-human) glitches.

  • @Adam – it was great to meet you too!

  • Fantastic presentation you did and so great to meet you (along with Miss Hawaii)!

  • @Andy – pleasure was all ours!

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