Posted November 29, 2007 9:45 am by with 4 comments

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If you’re heading to PubCon next week, you’re likely going because of the chance to catch many great speakers and fantastic session topics.

Of course, the after-hours networking is also a good reason to attend, as are the many different parties.

In case that’s not enough, Joe Morin and the PubCon team have 500 tickets to some of the top shows in Vegas, and they want to give them away for free!

Now, I’ve already bagged 499 of them–so I can scalp them along the strip–but if you hurry, you might be able to get that last ticket. 😉

Here’s how you can get you hands on tickets to top shows such as The Blue Man Group, Cirque Du Soleil, and Spamalot.

See you in Vegas (Baby)!

UPDATE: There’s also an SEO Poker Tournament for charity going on.

  • Hey Andy,
    You betcha. I sent out an e-mail imediately to Joe for some KA tickets. (He said you had all of them 😉

    I still think not everyone knows about the Poker Tournament yet. O.K. if I mention it here? It is a charity fund raiser event. You can click on my name. Everyone is invited, but seats are limited.
    Thanks so much!


  • No problem – I added a link to the main post.

  • I wanted to attend that poker tourny as well but it costs 200 bucks total :-/

  • I’m in on the poker tourney. Most of it goes to charity… Talk with your accountant and see if you can write it off!