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Facebook Follows through on Beacon Changes

As anticipated yesterday, Facebook has announced their modifications to Project Beacon. As Search Engine Land reports, the changes include opt-in instead of opt-out for listing purchases through Project Beacon partner sites. I think we can also safely assume that the opt-in notices will be more noticeable than were the previous messages.

Among the other changes:

If a user does nothing with the initial notification on Facebook, it will hide after some duration without a story being published. When a user takes a future action on a Beacon site, it will reappear and display all the potential stories along with the opportunity to click “OK” to publish or click “remove” to not publish.

Users will have clear options in ongoing notifications to either delete or publish. No stories will be published if users navigate away from their home page. If they delay in making this decision, the notification will hide and they can make a decision at a later time.

There are more subtle changes as well to overcome some of the technical challenges, such as users navigating away from the page that would have displayed the notification before it fully loaded. Facebook also reiterates that profile and Project Beacon information are not shared with outside sites, even partners in the program.

But will it be enough? Aside from user backlash, let’s don’t forget that there’s an FTC complaint pending, too.