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image How do you ensure that any new web site owner becomes instantly obsessed with their Google optimization efforts? Get them addicted while they’re young–or in this case, partner with Go Daddy and offer a customized version of Google Webmaster Tools.

With the new partnership, Go Daddy hosting customers will have easy access to Google Webmaster Tools and Go Daddy will automatically submit sitemaps to Google on behalf of customers.

"When Google approached us about incorporating their product into our hosting accounts, it was an easy decision," said CEO and Founder Bob Parsons in a statement. "Our customers are always looking for simple ways to make their sites easier to find and attract new visitors. Thanks to these easy-to-use tools, customers can quickly tap this valuable Webmaster resource without having to be technical wizards."

This is truly a great partnership. Forget about who’s making what out of the deal. This is great because so many people set up web sites and don’t have the first clue about whether they’re hurting their Google rankings or not. At BlogWorld, an audience member asked me to share my #1 SEO recommendation for bloggers. Tough question, right? I told the audience that every blogger should sign up for Google Webmaster Tools. It’s the only place where you get data straight from the horse’s mouth and the information they share is invaluable.

This is a smart move for both companies–Go Daddy adds value to customers, Google gets better optimized sites in its index. Meanwhile, site owners get a navigation console so they don’t fly their web site straight into a Google mountain!

  • Google and GoDaddy become friends now. When is the wedding/acquisition?

  • Janet Meiners

    I just noticed this when I was setting up a new domain yesterday. Google is smart to integrate their services this way. Now they just need to integrate Google analytics.

  • It makes a lot of sense for both companies. Will GoDaddy now be giving Google domain registration data as part of the deal?

    As long as you have the ability to opt out I’m fine with it, but I don’t like when one company I deal with gives out my info to another without my permission.

    For the majority this is going to be a good thing and it should make many more people aware of things like Webmaster Tools and SiteMaps that wouldn’t have heard about either otherwise.

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  • I wonder what else they will end up doing together. It probably wouldn’t be dangerous to say Google may end up as the largest registrar. What do you think?

  • @Jeremiah – Google’s already a registrar so you would think if that was of real interest, they would have launched the service. I’d imagine this is more of a partnership–like the Intuit one–that doesn’t develop into much more. Google has a habit of not waiting on buying any company they’re interested in–they just go ahead an buy it.

  • Hmmmm, is it just me or does anyone else think that Google already buys behind the scene access to GoDaddy private registration and knows who actually owns the private domains? Maybe even info on what GoDaddy accounts own what domains regardless of what whois says.

  • being a long time godaddy customer for registration – not hosting – I think that this a great idea. Godaddy hosts for a lot of relatively new people to the internet as well as a lot of experienced folks. So this is a huge step for google trying to reach the newer user.

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  • Sid

    Great news! Me a great fan of GoDaddy and Google! Nice to see they tied the knot! Best of luck.

  • Zen

    Google mountain… been there, done that. 🙁

  • My experience and that of friends has been not even been close to good so this drops Google quite a few points in my book.

  • Thate should have been :
    My experience with GoDaddy and that of friends has been not even been close to good so this drops Google quite a few points in my book.

  • I think this is a very good idea for Google, GoDaddy, and the users. Can’t wait to access these new features!!!

  • @Andy, Gotcha 😉 I didn’t even know Google was a registrar! Thanks for the info, this is why I visit so much!

  • @Simple Tiger – we’re here for YOU! Here’s some background info:

  • It’s also worth noting that and AOL LLC are accredited domain registrars and have been for at least four years, in’s case, or nearly the beginning (in 1998) in AOL’s case. Neither has ever offered domain registration to the public and use their status to hold their own vast domain portfolio (in the case of AOL and its parent company TimeWarner). With, they don’t even use that status to hold their own domains.

    I suspect Google is a registrar simply for the access privileges to various zone files, zone file changelogs, and a whole host of other private data.


    P.S. Nonetheless, I’m still hoping they buy for around $1 billion in cash (Network Solutions, the third biggest, is valued at $800 million). Speaking of valuations, if is the biggest registrar at $1 billion, why is Tucows (the fourth largest) valued at only $50 million according to recent stock trading valuations on the TSX and the Nasdaq? It sure makes Tucows seem like one heck of a bargain, especially considering it is debt-free and consistently reports net income quarter after quarter whereas in’s IPO filing in 2006, was unprofitable.

  • This is great news, hopefully Google will reach out to more other hosts so the same products could reach more people and more will be able to benefit from this? If not guess I should go and check out what GoDaddy has to offer.

  • I hope Google doesn’t buy GoDaddy. GoDaddy is a fun company with incredible support. I would hate to see anything that would disrupt that.

    BTW – I added the Google stuff to one of my blogs this morning and it worked perfectly.

  • It isn’t just GoDaddy. has it too, and who knows how many more?

  • Its a great idea for Google and Godaddy to cooperate and definitely helps those who have their website hosted with Godaddy.Perhaps more things will be introduced soon.

  • It’ll helpful to both Google as-well-as Godaddy in customer satisfaction.

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  • Michelle

    Hard to believe Microsoft would pass up an opportunity to buy Godaddy. Much like everything they do maybe they can reinvent this wheel and play catch up. Remember how successful their previous reinventions are ie. Live Search, Zune, and the yet to annouced phone? Message to Microsoft – “You need to wake up on this or Google will run you over again…”

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  • great partner together

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