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Google wants to be sure Google Maps are accurate and detailed. Upkeep on Google Maps would otherwise be a nightmare, so Google’s letting you help. If you see a location that is off (like your own house or a store) you can fix it. After all, you know where you live better than anyone else.

As of today you can log into Google Maps and move the markers so they are in the right place. Unless the business owner or resident has already verified the location. Before you get the bright idea to move your competitor’s storefront to a dead end, know that anyone can report abuse and changes are logged.

Before long Google will let you edit more than just the location. You’ll be able to modify business information or add other details (which Google hasn’t detailed). Google has more features coming, such as:

  • Sketchup/3D Warehouse, which enables users to contribute texturized
    3D models directly to Google Earth
  • My Maps, which provides users with easy-to-use mapping tools for sharing local information with other Google users
  • Improve process of submitting reviews in Google Maps

For more information please see our Lat Long blog post (and video!) at:

True story: I just left my first Google Maps review last night. Yesterday I went to a hair salon in Salt Lake City and at first didn’t have such a great experience (my hair turned out a bit brassy). The owner called me and I went back and they fixed everything and now I have the best hair ever I’m a happy customer. I noticed it was tough to find Salon O in Google but they were in Google Maps. Make an internet marketer happy and she will tip you with extra search engine listings!

If you have a local business, make sure it’s on Google Local Business Center. It’s not only free, but it means that a map to your business will show up before search results on local searches. In other words, you can’t even buy that position. Encourage your happy customers to leave you a glowing review – after all it’s almost Thanksgiving and it’s a quick way to acknowledge your favorite local businesses.

  • I lived in a house for a year that Google thinks is across the street from where it really is. I just tried to edit, and was given this error: “Because of technical restrictions, you cannot edit this location at this time.” I thought this comment would have a happy ending, but it looks like I’m still thwarted.

  • Google maps are pretty funny. One day I checked them out and my house was not in it
    s correct location. However, today when I checked it was a bit closer to the exact location. I still love to use these maps anyway.

  • Google just comes up with more and more creative ways to get people hooked onto their applications! I love Google earth. And a good hair job makes me very happy too 😉

  • Its also one way of getting visitors involved and spreading the word around. They have always been masters of new ideas.

  • G Maps are cool – way cool.

    Simply outstanding


  • its not just cool, but has a great utility value. I needed to visit this office and they have the google maps thing on their contact us page. They gave the route from the station and it gave me a precise idea of where their office was.

  • J

    Google is simply the leader. This little opening up let’s them have more accurate information and leaves the users very happy. People are always happy to feel like they helped out

  • I’m surprised by this because I had to go through the hassle of registering my business and the process was really tight (postal response with unique code etc etc). As long as they can track updates etc I suppose it’ll be OK though.