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Google’s Matt Cutts Discusses Search Snippets

With all the multi billions of dollars swirling around Google, it’s heart-warming to know that even they can produce crappy-quality videos–something that puts them on par with us. (Yay, we’re as good as Google).

OK, all teasing aside, Matt Cutts was thrust in front of a video camera and asked to explain how Google’s search snippets work. If you’re not up to speed on how Google determines your snippet, or what each feature does, it’s worth watching the 8 minute video below.

Matt says that more videos are being edited as we speak, so stay tuned as Matt explains how to optimize Google’s bank balance to get better microphones. ;-)

  • Steven Bradley

    The video didn’t reveal anything new, but it’s still a good overview of where Google pulls the various parts of a search result for display. Certainly worth watching.

  • Thoman

    First time to watch Matt Cutts’ vedio.Hope to optimize our sites from his advice.