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If you’re reading this from a computer somewhere inside the US, you’re likely either already stuffed with Turkey or drooling in anticipation.

If you’re outside the US, you’re probably wondering why half the blogs you read have gone to sleep–it’s the effects of the Turkey! 😉

Seeing as I am originally from England–but now a US citizen–it’s taken some time to get used to the idea of celebrating an event which basically marks the freedom from the British. However, I’ve now fully embraced the holiday–after all how can a Marketing Pilgrim not give a hat-tip to the original Pilgrims?

So enjoy your Turkey Day, and for those outside the US, know that things will pick-up again on Monday–yes, it’s a two-day affair!

In the meantime, a big thanks to our readers, contributors, and advertisers.

Be safe and be thankful for the blessings in your life. I know I am.

Andy "the Pilgrim" Beal

  • Andy – from someone who is based in the UK – Happy Thanksgiving! One thing that has hit me this year is despite being English, because many of your online friends are American…you end up almost celebrating together…ironic don’t you think at this time based on what this holiday signifies!

    One thing that the web does is bring people closer to each other’s worlds – that can only be a good thing in the long run.

  • Andy,

    Happy Thanksgiving from Russia!

    We have created a special search cloud for Thanksgiving.

    Please click the Thanksgiving tab on to check the search cloud and then click the related topics to generate the search results.

    To embed it onto your blog, click ‘Embed’ to get code.

  • Zen

    I think that (after Christmas) Thanksgiving is the nicest holiday there is. It has a beautiful story behind it and it’s full of meaning. Anyway, enjoy your pumpkin pie! 😀

  • rcjordan

    Have a good one, Andy.

  • Thanks Andy! Happy Thanksgivings to all of you!

  • Andy, Happy TG to you!


  • Don’t you worry Andy, because of American sitcoms and movies we, all over the world are very conversant with all the American holidays. Besides the image of the turkey with all the trimmings is a most memorable one! So Happy thanksgiving to you.

  • Happy thanksgiving everyone

  • Happy Thanksgiving Andy from someone recovering from a big turkey dinner.

  • Happy Thanksgiving! You’re right about all those other blogs. Either they’re in hiatus or they leave a post about Thanksgiving. Others even write a long list of things they’re grateful for in the past year. It’s kind of refreshing in a way. People (especially bloggers) need holidays in order for them to realize it’s time to to take a break. Otherwise, they’d just go on and on and on…!

  • Thanks for all your kind wishes. I’m certainly stuffed with Turkey! 🙂

    I hope you’re having a good one!

  • I thought it was the turkey that was supposed to be stuffed 🙂 Happy Black Friday to you!

  • Jordan McCollum

    Hm . . . I could have sworn that Independence Day was the day we celebrate being free from you oppressive Brits. I thought Thanksgiving was about the Pilgrims being happy they hadn’t died yet.

    Oh, those lies they told us in elementary school!

  • @Jordan – Of course, but the Pilgrim’s escaped the “oppressive” Church of England – for which they were thankful. 😉