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image Gooruze is not even 3-weeks old and already the social network for online marketers is buzzing.

Close to 900 members have contributed 180+ articles, discussed 100+ member questions, and joined one of the 50+ groups on subjects such as Social Media, Analytics, and Email Marketing.

If you’ve not joined Gooruze then you’re missing out on an opportunity to learn the latest online marketing tips and connect with fellow marketers.

If you need further incentive, Gooruze is giving away $500 a week in AdWords credits to a lucky Gooru–congratulations to the first winner "boldadam." aka Adam Schultz, CEO of Bold Interactive.

  • I have leaned quite a bit already from some of the articles and q&a’s. Quality site I must say!

  • db

    I’ll have to check it out and see what the buzz is all about. Thanks for the tip.

  • I hate to be a party pooper, but the emails they keep sending me are so annoying because it is the same 5 articles listed 20 times. I may give them another shot though.

  • I have joined, but I haven’t been the most active of members yet. I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far Andy. There are some really good articles and discussions.

  • Thanks for the post, I keep meaning to check them out and just keep forgetting. Thanks.

  • Social networking is REALLY the buzzword on the net these days! Will take a look; thanks for the info.

  • I do not get enough time to do anything sensible in the social networks to which I already belong. What on earth can I contribute to yet another me too?

  • Hey. First off I’d like to say I’m new to the site. Can’t believe I just found it – great site. You’ve got a new subscriber.

    Anyway, thanks for the link to Gooruze. Looks like a quality site and hopefully it will only get better with more contributors signing up. Some nice articles already.

  • @Collin – can you message me the emails you are referring to? clay [dot] cook [at] claycook [dot] net

    Gooruze Co-Founder

  • Ignore my original comment, I misread the subscription page. Everything is all good now. =)

  • I hope this site does not become a ‘Cut+Paste become rich overnight’ eBooks library.

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