Posted November 2, 2007 4:55 pm by with 3 comments

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I know you’ve missed it, so here it is—Linky! Goodness! Linky! Goodness!

  • Yahoo finally apologizes for getting a Chinese Dissident jailed: Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal coverage of the Wall Street Journal story (sub req for WSJ).
  • In what appears to the be first serious Net Neutrality challenge, Free Press and other groups are bringing Comcast to task (or, rather, to the FCC) for secretly imitating users and blocking uploads to programs like BitTorrent. Coverage by the AP and CNET
  • It looks like it’s finally happening: Time Warner Embracing Plan To Break Up Company, including sacrificing “parts” of AOL.
  • CNET speculates about Facebook’s ad futures
  • It’s about time that someone goes after Net Neutrality violators. In my book it is not only the disruption of connections, the shaping of traffic according to their business interest (instead of network survival or QoS specified by one of the end-points), it is also the spam filtering or all the attempts to make e-mail (that is actually delivered) a paid premium service, and the port blocking/restrictions, or setting the entire network on a spamhouse list as dynamic IP addresses (what is dynamic about an IP that is an always on connection).

    It’s about time we educate the local politicians, because all Internet access needs the last mile and a contract with the town or county you live in. Today they ask for money for town government IP networks and local access TV station funding. What would change if they demand Network Neutrality?

  • concern on facebook’s next pulse

  • Comcast surely deserves this. FCC should hopefully take such action that would show other wannabes that it does not pay.