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Today’s Linky Goodness goes well with the Radiohead story of the day: it’s the naysayers edition.

We can’t possibly go to the weekend on that note, so share something funny in the comments. Okay?

  • Yeah – I’m not too keen on the facebook social ads idea. There is a lot of personal information at their disposal which makes me VERY uncomfortable.

  • rcjordan

    From Google Gives AdWords Branding Power with Placement Targeting (The all caps emphasis is mine.)

    “giving AdWords more viability as a BRANDING tool”

    “ADS ARE NOT FOCUSED on keyword or contextual cues, and Google also offers images, and click-to-play video formats, in addition to text.”

    “the initial CPM-only pricing caused friction between traditional search marketers and publishers. ‘Some search marketers weren’t aware of what was a REALISTIC bid, and the sites weren’t accepting CPM ads because the bids were so low,'”

    “CPC bidding for placement targeting was one of the most common ADVERTISER requests we received for Google content network campaigns”

    And now a quote from Interbrand’s taken from their definition of branding:

    “From the perspective of the brand’s owner, the value of the brand often lies in the security of higher FUTURE earnings”

    And finally a quote from me:
    “Hosting a branding campaign on CPC ain’t good news for the PUBLISHERS, Ms. McCollum!!”

  • Actually NYT is partially right about Facebook ads .being illegal or at least to have bad effect on friends and network. users will not trust that news feed as they were. newsfeed is already corrupted thanks to spammy action of apps.

  • I have to agree with Bob, who really needs their privacy invaded like that these days? It’s already being invaded without us even having to try. I love your blog by the way!

  • Jordan McCollum

    @rcjordan—As you quoted the article yourself, this is about helping search marketers, which is the intent behind this entire blog.

    Also, I’m Mrs. McCollum. And please don’t yell at me.

  • rcjordan

    >please don’t yell

    Please don’t cry. I wasn’t yelling, see note about ’emphasis.’ My apologies if you felt otherwise. Just too lazy to see if the comment stream handled html tags, and there’s no edit mechanism if it doesn’t. (Which I really hate about posting comments.)


    Ah. I confess that I took the cheap, marriage-neutral posting route.

    >helping search marketers

    A marketer posted in WMW that he’s been allowed to use the beta of this for about 5 months now.
    “it’s been good for me as an advertiser but it looks to me like it might not be as good a deal for publishers as ctr is incredibly low.”

    Knowing that a non-contextual branding campaign is going to produce poor CTR is not marketing rocket science. Making the small leap to assuming that Big G knew that this would be the likely result, then I’m disappointed that they chose to devalue their publishers’ inventory.

  • Jordan McCollum

    Crying? Expecting common courtesy is crying?

    Caps for emphasis is one thing, ending a sentence with two exclamation points immediately following my name is another.

    Branding isn’t about CTR.