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Launching your own ad network is the rage right now. I read that this year is the year for launching your own social network and next year is the year for launching your own ad network. I overheard a startup that is making it easier for you to do that (hopefully we’ll get more on this in the next few weeks).

Martha Stewart is the latest to start her own ad network. It capitalizes on lifestyle and cooking sites that fit the Martha Stewart brand.

The network is called “Martha’s Circle,” and is forecast to generate around 20 million ad views a month. Sites belonging to the network include: Hostess with the Mostess, Charles and Hudson, 101 Cookbooks and Style Me Pretty. Advertisers include Ace Hardware, Bank of America, and Macy’s.

Example: Apartment Therapy‘s site. It has five ad placements, and now two are from Martha’s Circle. The site earns money for the placements, and shares the revenue with Martha’s Circle. The other spots on the site Google AdSense ads. There are niche networks of all kinds and are said to convert at a higher rate because they are niche (highly targeted).

The advantage of working with an ad network is that you can monetize your bog or site with ads that match your content. It’s a win for ad networks as they can easily target a broad network of sites and blogs and work with one or a few networks rather than individual sites.

  • Ad networks seem to the IT thing right now. I agree, but it just seems to show that that is where the money is at:

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  • It’s interesting how big or small one has to be to enter into the market. I mean, is there any chance for a startup to compete with the big players?

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  • Starting your own AD network is very healthy idea.Big players like eat lots of advertising revenue of publishers. Right now we are providing free advertising with high exposure.

  • Zen

    Can’t wait for the Andy Beal Ad Network to come out! 😛

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  • @Zen – you might want to take up a hobby to keep you busy in the meantime. 😉

  • It explains why two Yahoo ad execs left the company to join Martha Stewart Omnimedia.

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  • Imagine what Martha could do with WrapMail!

    WrapMail is all about “wrapping” the already existing email traffic that leaves from employees every day. All of these emails go to a captive audience (Vendors, Customers, Prospects and Friends/Family) but they do not promote the senders business! WrapMail makes this possible and it is the only company in the world that offers this solution. WrapMail wraps the outgoing emails in up to 4 frames with pictures, graphics, text, links and/or audio and we do this on the server level so there’s no need to change any routines on the desktop (the sender does not see the wrap). Our emails do NOT get the red x and the message to “right-click to download pictures” as is evident in this email! The effect of using WrapMail is that you will:

    • Build brand equity with every external email
    • Make every employee a marketer, not only the sales staff
    • Promote your products and services
    • Introduce new products and services
    • Cross-sell and up-sell
    • Drive traffic to your website where people can find more information

    The back-end of the system is the reporting module and this will tell you who clicks on what in your wrap when. This information is also available immediately through an email Click Alert that you can receive within one minute after someone clicks! After someone clicks you now know exactly what to market back to them!

    There are many variables that can be built-in and the wrap can change based upon Sender, Receiver, Time or Wrap Rotation! WrapMail can also build databases based upon clicks and/or interface with existing databases (including RSS-feeds) to automatically update the Wrap!

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