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Yesterday, Google announced its OpenSocial program to create a standardized APIs for social network platform developers. While their list of participating networks was lengthy, notably absent were the social networking giants—MySpace and Facebook.

Until today. MySpace and Google announced that the largest social network in the world will be joining the developing initiative by the largest search engine in the world. Google has said that over the past year, they’ve been secretly working on with MySpace to include them in the OpenSocial.

MySpace will not make an effort to create its own markup language (as Facebook has already done). Flixster has already created a MySpace application using the OpenSocial API standards (screenshots at TechCrunch).

TechCrunch notes that it now looks like all of the other social networks have ganged up to take on Facebook with Google as their leader. Michael Arrington anticipates that Facebook “may have little choice but to join this coalition.” He also notes that Six Apart, the owners of Moveable Type, TypePad and LiveJournal, has announced that they’ll be joining as well.

I’m not sure that Facebook will necessarily be inclined to join the standard and abandon its own proprietary FBML (Facebook Markup Language) and platform just yet, even though MySpace could definitely give them a run for their money. MySpace will have to contend with just as much spam in their apps as they see in their profiles and groups.

However, if Facebook hesitates too long and the OpenSocial standard takes off, they could potentially be left in the dust.

What do you think is Facebook’s best move?

It appears Facebook hasn’t had any contact from Google about OpenSocial. Has Google deliberately shunned them?

  • I would say Facebook’s best move would probably be to find a bunch of disease ridden alley cats and relocate them to MySpace and Google HQ in hopes that they will bite or scratch some of their key employees.

  • Funny Kevin.

    It’s hard to think that OpenSocial won’t take off given how much it makes sense to developers. It’s a hit to Facebook, but if they aren’t already thinking about it they may want to join.

    Facebook could offer more through it’s own markup to try and convince people to develop Facebook only apps, but OpenSocial could become a necessity.

    Developers tend to like standards since it makes the work much easier.

  • waiting for this deal to fail and people to understand that even if its done by Google it does not mean the success is guarantee.

  • rcjordan

    sell out to MS

  • db

    Its pull tilt game on whatever happens next.

  • Ah, good ol Myspace making some moves lately. Took ya long enough, hopefully you still have some active users who will embrace all the new incoming useless apps.

  • The competition is indeed formidable. I think that Facebook should join the standard asap.

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  • lawrence goldstein

    Checkmate! Game over. Facebook is toast! Why? Because if Facebook joins Google’s OpenSocial they would be admitting defeat and become just another sheep in Google’s herd but if they don’t join they will die a slow and painful death. Why? Because Google is offering to host the apps that developers create on it’s platform which means developers don’t have to pay for hosting fees or bandwidth. Many apps that became popular on Facebook caused their owners more money to maintain due to increased bandwidth than they were making from ads. As a result few saw any real profits.This addresses that problem. I can’t help but wonder what the executives who defected from Goggle to Facebook when Facebook was the flavor of the week are thinking now. Probably something like…oh s___!what have I done! Make no mistake this is a killer app. Advertisers only care about the bottom line and who can deliver it best. Thousands of websites using the same common API(not a day will go by from this day forward without a major website announcing they’re joining Googles/Myspace OpenSocial)or one website,Facebook using a variation of HTML that’s not compatible with anything. Myspace and Google together is a unbeatable one two punch. Besides, Facebook is still on a learning curve as can be seen by how they are constantly changing their developers documentation and rules for conducting business on the platform not to mention apps disappearing into thin air. Google/Myspace is the gold standard and will implement OpenSocial much more smoothly. Google/Myspace was in the widget game way before Facebook opened up to developers only six months ago. Facebook is a walled garden and it indiscriminately picks and chooses which apps get high visibility while it tweaks it’s platform to keep other apps from succeeding. Also they deny apps submission into their directory on a whim thus a large underground subset of apps some of which are very popular will migrate from Facebook where they were denied entry for no apparent reason over to Google/Myspace. Facebook belongs to a bunch of nouveau riche wannabe stuck-up spoiled brats who thought they had the world on a string. Now they must eat humble pie and bow down and kiss the ring that is Google/Myspace. Oh well,so much for Facebooks 15 billion dollar valuation. They’ll be lucky if they can get 1 billion now. Facebook got greedy and as a result didn’t cash out when the opportunity presented itself. Why develop on Facebook which claims to have 50 million members when you can develop on Google’s/Myspace platform which has 200 million members…do the math. Stick a fork in it! Facebook is toast!