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I’m here at BlogWorld in Las Vegas, Nevada. The best part of being here (besides it’s warm) is that normally blogging is solitary. But here, I’m in good company. There are laptops, bloggers, and podcasters publishing in real time, right from the show.

Andy and I are actively twittering about what is happening in real time (along with many others). It makes what we do seem practically mainstream. And judging from the biggest names in the industry, more people are listening to new media. More and more we expect commentary and conversation not monologues.

I got to meet some of my heros: our own Andy Beal, John Chow, Matt Mullenweg, and Joe Beaulaurier from PRWeb. There are many I still hope to meet. is streaming video live right from a session about how people are creating cults of personality online by Leo LaPorte and Justine (who lives most of her life online). It’s surreal as we watch her speak and also watch her online at the same time. You can see that “cult of blogging” she and LaPorte are speaking of. Even though she’s here in real life and genuine and approachable, when you see her on screen she takes on a certain persona online that is somehow bigger.

What I wish I had more time to visit are the many innovative companies who have booths at the show or who were mentioned. There are many new startups here. Some have just launched or are very close to launching and most extend what bloggers can do. You’ll probably see the result from some of the sessions show up on Marketing Pilgrim in coming weeks.

  • Snip Print takes all sorts of publishing, makes it customized, and lets you either print it, email, or put it on your PDA. I got a quick demo from CEO Mike Stemple who is the CEO. He’s launched other successful companies like Stemple hales from the newspaper space and now he’s helping people print their own newspaper (which is more like a newsletter).
  • Mogulus lets you make your own television station. They’re in private beta. There is also Stickam. You can broadcast your life. Or, businesses can use these – like a real estate agent can do a walk through of a home or a weekly show about real estate.
  • Yovia – helps advertisers utilize social networks with Social Media Optimization, Research, and Services. They also pay bloggers. They’re so new I had to use their t-shirt as a business card (they didn’t have cards).
  • Tech Selector helps you find the right product – whether it’s a digital camera, and other tech products. They do an online interview to capture what features are important to you, and then recommend products.

I’m sure I’ve missed some—so if you were a new startup at BlogWorld, leave a comment.

  • The concept of Social Media Optimization is very interesting and looks like the very future of Advertising.

  • Why is there such a race like twittering real time or podcasting real time? its such a small audience tracking these events in real time. Are there being announced very important stuff?

  • Don’t forget! We have a representative Json, in Las Vegas now using blogtv to capture the HBO Comedy Festival as well as the Gaming Expo. Come check it out! We want you to be part of our unique community!

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