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As we mentioned earlier today, we’re now collecting your nominations for the Open Web Awards. This is your chance to nominate–and ultimately vote–for your favorite social networking sites.

First up, we’re seeking your nominations for the best “Mainstream & Large Social Networks.”

What type of site does that cover? Well, you’ve got to think big! Are you a fan of MySpace, Facebook, or Beebo? Those would be good choices.

To make your nomination simply leave a comment below with the following format:

NOMINATE – [site name here]

Please do put “nominate” in all caps, so we can spot your nomination more easily. Please, only one nomination per person, per category. Deadline for nominations is noon EST Tuesday December 4th.

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  • I would like to nominate and what a shocker I work there!

  • NOMINATE – Ujogo
    Ujogo was created to provide a fun, innovative, free and legal multi-player casual games experience, starting with poker. The Ujogo team, all avid poker players and games enthusiasts, understands the value of the right platform, incentives and policies, all intended to drive highest quality, most entertaining and competitive games experience possible. We understand that poker is a very social game. That’s why we have done our best to create an environment where players can get to know each other, customize their profiles, create home games and contribute to the content of the site.


    StreetAdvisor is the easy way to find out what people really think about the street they live in. It’s a place where people can finally voice their opinions about where they live, have lived or simply visited!
    StreetAdvisor was created to solve most problems people have when living in streets or when buying and selling real estate. Through detailed reviews and guidebooks (written by insiders that know best), combined with patent-pending scoring technologies, StreetAdvisor helps bridge the gap that exists about the relevant information at the street level, from neighborly attitudes to noise levels to traffic problems.

  • Megan


    Your Truman Show extends personal storytelling into a compelling social network of tomorrow’s online reality stars and their fans. Anyone and everyone ready to share their thoughts, feelings, aspirations and observations now has a powerful and targeted online outlet for doing so.
    The programming is as wide and varied as the personalities of the people who create channels on the network. It is theirs to express individual creativity and share first-hand accounts of personal dramas, hilarious tales, current events, behind-the-scenes coverage, special interests and almost anything that comes to mind. As more people capture their special moments on video, Your Truman Show empowers them to become real-life producers and stars.

  • Brian

    HeyCosmo is a site that enables users to blends web cam interaction with group collaboration tools. Users are able create “channels” that can include up to 10 live web-cam video participants in a group discussion. Additionally up to 50 people can listen, watch, and chat during the session on top of the 10 core participants. HeyCosmo’s technology also provides individuals and businesses monetization options for their content utilizing a fee for service model.

  • Jeneane


    Fantasy Sports Matrix (FSM) is a social utility that allows sports fans to connect with other fans, express themselves, test their knowledge, and gain insightful information.
    The site’s mission is to leverage the powerful social features of the Web, excitement of the fantasy sports works, and passion of sports fans. FSM establishes a community in which the Fan’s voice is the definitive voice, lowers the barriers of entry for sports fans to get into fantasy sports, brings fan’s one step closer to their favorite athletes and provides an interactive playground for sports enthusiasts.

  • Nominate
    At WishDone:
    Create two profiles; your own True profile according to your real life and your own Wish profile according to your dreams and imagination.
    Stay connected with your wish done community from every place in the world using our suite of communication tools from your PC, PDA or mobile phone.
    Develop your own media channels to share
    Enter contests to win prizes you and your wish profile dream of
    Express yourself easily through advanced blogging platforms.
    Get rewarded with WishDone points that will take you closer to the fulfillment of your wishes.
    Interact in groups with people around the globe that share the same aspirations and dreams as you.
    Support global causes and raise awareness on the issues you find interesting.
    Because WishDone is beyond freedom, communication and community…
    And the Wishdone community has this request: believe in your imagination and believe in yourself

    Get a myth in wishdone…

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  • NOMINATE NETLOG, because our upmost young and professional crew deliver the most user-friendly & attractive social network around!!!

  • Sophie

    NOMINATE NETLOG! it’s dynamic, user-friendly, clean, professionnal and european!

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  • Nicolas Duchene



  • Want to nominate – a mobile social community for young, hip people looking for new friends

  • I’ve reconnected with a long-lost best friend through I’ve also found friends I’ve known from school, college and work. If you’re over 40 it’s hard to find people you’ve known on other social networking sites. It’s social networking for adults 🙂