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As we mentioned earlier today, we’re now collecting your nominations for the Open Web Awards. This is your chance to nominate–and ultimately vote–for your favorite social networking sites.

Next up, we’re seeking your nominations for the best “Social Search.”

What type of site does that cover? Well, where do you search when you want the input of others? Are you a fan of Eurekster, Yahoo Answers, or Wink? Heck, it’s a broad category, so you could also nominate, ZoomInfo, Technorati, or Bloglines. Those would all be good examples.

To make your nomination simply leave a comment below with the following format:

NOMINATE – [site name here]

Please do put “nominate” in all caps, so we can spot your nomination more easily. Please, only one nomination per person, per category. Deadline for nominations is noon EST Tuesday December 4th.


  • Stefan


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  • Rob


  • NOMINATE – Eurekster’s Swickis


  • Adriana Gascoigne

    Yojo Mobile, Inc., founded in November of 2005, has a shared company vision that cell phones will become the central devices in our lives. In addition to its inherent communication functions, YojoMobile knows that the cell phones will also serve as our local guide to businesses and entertainment, our mobile wallets, our entertainment medium and our advertising medium.
    YojoMobile offers Yojo Promos which are new, cost -effective means of reaching your target customers. As the only mobile advertising platform that promotes business within a few block radius, Yojo promos will revolutionize the local advertising industry. In addition to the Yojo Promos, the site will also be including targeted ads on both our mobile and web sites. This is a powerful advertising medium considering the targeted nature of our services and the ability to pull customers into retail outlets.
    MizzPee is the first service of Yojo Mobile, offering a directory of public restrooms nearest you. The service also lets you narrow your toilet search including handicap access, diaper-changing areas and five-star rating for cleanliness.

  • mike zimmerman

    NOMINATE – Eurekster

  • Nominate
    At WishDone:
    Create two profiles; your own True profile according to your real life and your own Wish profile according to your dreams and imagination.
    Stay connected with your wish done community from every place in the world using our suite of communication tools from your PC, PDA or mobile phone.
    Develop your own media channels to share
    Enter contests to win prizes you and your wish profile dream of
    Express yourself easily through advanced blogging platforms.
    Get rewarded with WishDone points that will take you closer to the fulfillment of your wishes.
    Interact in groups with people around the globe that share the same aspirations and dreams as you.
    Support global causes and raise awareness on the issues you find interesting.
    Because WishDone is beyond freedom, communication and community…
    And the Wishdone community has this request: believe in your imagination and believe in yourself

    Get a myth in wishdone…

  • Stephanie


  • Marie Williams


  • Alex


  • JM


  • Kayla


  • Bill


  • Wawi



  • Melissa


  • Amanda



    Copenda is a revolutionary social people search engine that allows people to search for their soul mate or meet new friends in social networks and dating web sites.

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  • I nominate for social search.

  • NOMINATE MindTouch Deki Wiki for Applications & Widgets

    MindTouch Deki Wiki is the most popular vendor backed wiki. It is free open source software (FOSS) and is commonly used for online communities, collaboration, or for building collaborative web applications. It’s built completely on open standards (XHTML, JSON or PHP). It was the first OSI-approved commercially supported open source wiki (released under GPL 2), and is now the only open wiki platform. It has the most complete API that features 99 REST based methods and a web-service extension model that makes it possible to create mashups with many other applications, widgets, and/or data stores such as: third party services like Google Maps, Digg, Flickr, YouTube, MySQL, widgets from WidgetBox, etc.

  • NOMINATE: Wink – for Social Search

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  • Michele Turner

    NOMINATE: Wink – for Social Search

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