FeedBurner Integrates AdSense But Not for Feeds

When Google acquired FeedBurner, we all assumed that it wouldn’t take long to see AdSense integrated with the RSS feed service.

Well, the first step of integration is with us now that FeedBurner has announced that AdSense ads can be configured to automagically show up under your posts.

This newly integrated capability — designed just for FeedBurner-powered content like yours — puts relevant AdSense content ads to work on your blog and/or website. (Note: AdSense options for feeds not available at this time.) If you choose to activate this service, you can run a 300×250 or 468×60 text or image AdSense ad on your blog. The ad will appear below the first item on your site and archive pages once you have installed the necessary code. Ad content is automatically targeted to complement your site and you will earn revenue each time visitors click on ads. You can even customize the colors (or use a saved color palette from your AdSense account) so the ad unit fits your site’s look and feel.

Real Estate Blog Network Infused with $1.5 Million

We’ve all heard the bad news in the housing market that only seems to get worse. Here’s a small bright spot for a real estate blog network. Curbed.com obtained some capital to expand their market. They currently focus on New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles has healthy advertising contracts with national advertisers. Now with $1.5 million in financing they’ll expand into new cities and add staff members. According to Lockhart Steele, Curbed.com’s publisher, traffic is growing 10 percent a month.

The investors include Nick Denton, who used to be Steele’s boss, Zach Nelson, chief executive of NetSuite, a maker of business software, and Gawker Media.

How to Get People to Open your Email

If you send email to customers, what can you do to get more people to open your email? Focus on the subject line. This isn’t new news but still it’s something that email marketers shouldn’t ignore. When it comes to internet marketing the words you use, the font, where they are on the page, and other details can make an enormous difference.

Here are some quick tips to see better open and click rates for the email you send:

  • Personalize the subject line with the recipient’s name

It turns out one of the most important factors when it comes to email is to personalize the subject line. So use the person’s name you’re sending the email to in the subject line and you’ll get better open rates, according to a MailerMailer study. That’s because people look at the subject line quickly and decide if they’ll read or delete your message.

Where to Catch Andy Beal Losing Speaking His Mind

Despite getting closer to the holidays, it seems the conference circuit is just getting warmed up. If you’re one of my many groupies, here’s where I’m speaking over the remainder of the year.

National Tour Association Convention 07 – Nov 2-6

OK, this one’s aimed at anyone in the travel, hospitality, and tours industry. I’m holding two presentations. The first is on blogging for the travel industry. The second one is on search engine optimization.

Blogworld Expo – Nov 8-9

Yep, I fly from Kansas City to Las Vegas to speak at what is shaping up to be the largest blogging conference of the year. You’ll find me–along with Vanessa Fox, Aaron Wall, and Stephan Spencer–discussing SEO for blogs. Then it’s straight on to Integrating New Media into your Marketing Mix.

Update to Comment Policy

Just a heads-up that starting today, we’re going to more strictly enforce our comment policy. In particular:

No keywords in author names – we prefer that you use your real name or your normal nickname. If we suspect you’re using an author name to simply include targeted keywords, we’ll either edit or delete your comment.

Please use your real name or commonly used nickname. This only applies to those that wish to be considered for the Top Commentators list–which doesn’t use nofollow. If you don’t care to be on the list, feel free to use what you want (within reason)–we’ll simply filter your name from the list.

If you have any doubts about the use of your current commenting name, please contact us.