Pilgrim’s Picks for November 27

Deer, oh deer, oh deer.

No I’m not upset, I’m just counting the number of deer that run past my office window on a regular basis. ;-)

Unfortunately, I can’t send Bambi your way, but I can share these interesting news clips.

Open Web Awards: Nominations Open Today

As we mentioned last week, Marketing Pilgrim has partnered with Mashable to help with the nominations and voting for this year’s Open Web Awards.

Over the course of today, we’ll give you the opportunity to nominate your favorite web site in these 3 categories:

  1. Mainstream and Large Scale Networks
  2. Social News & Social Bookmarking
  3. Social Search

Each category will have its own post with instructions on how to nominate your favorite web site. Between now and noon EST Tuesday December 4th, you’ll be able to leave a comment with your nomination. Once nominations are closed, we’ll tally the most nominated web sites, confer with Mashable, then open up voting for the winner on December 6th.

Google’s Matt Cutts Discusses Search Snippets

With all the multi billions of dollars swirling around Google, it’s heart-warming to know that even they can produce crappy-quality videos–something that puts them on par with us. (Yay, we’re as good as Google).

OK, all teasing aside, Matt Cutts was thrust in front of a video camera and asked to explain how Google’s search snippets work. If you’re not up to speed on how Google determines your snippet, or what each feature does, it’s worth watching the 8 minute video below.

Matt says that more videos are being edited as we speak, so stay tuned as Matt explains how to optimize Google’s bank balance to get better microphones. ;-)

2nd Annual Online Customer Engagement Report Released

E-consultancy and cScape have just released their 2nd Annual Online Customer Engagement Report which takes an in-depth look at how companies plan to use the Web to engage their customers. The 57-page report surveyed 1000+ participants and is packed full of data that any marketer will find useful. Highlights include:

  • Online customer engagement now top priority as companies change marketing focus
  • Brands embrace widgets, social networks and video-sharing sites in bid to boost customer engagement
  • Digital industry leaders advise companies to pay attention to engagement.

There’s also expert analysis of the findings from Jim Sterne, Avinash Kaushik, and yours truly. Here’s what I had to say about the results.

Google Checkout Holiday Promotions

Back when Paypal was x.com (about seven years ago) I had a deal email list called Scrapdogs. I sent emails to my friends about all the amazing free things that retailers were throwing away giving out. Almost every Christmas present I bought was purchased online that Christmas, and it’s still my favorite way to shop.

Check out the list of deals for Google Checkout users. Here’s an example of the savings: Buy.com – get $10 off orders over $10 (for new buyers only). There is also free shipping and frequent flyer miles to be earned (make sure to view the tabs because they’re easy to miss). You have to register and then you can earn 2 frequent flyer miles for each $1 you spend with Google Checkout through December 31, 2007. They cap the miles at 10,000 and it’s for US residents only.

Linky Goodness, November 26

I have an issue. Maybe it’s a psychological problem. I don’t know. But unless I’ve already read a story on a blog’s website, I absolutely cannot mark it as read in my feed reader.

While I debate getting professional help (or just keep browsing my feed reader), here’s a little Linky Goodness!

Facebook Venturing into Politics Coverage

There has been some backlash against Facebook’s recently unveiled Social Ads during the first three weeks of its run, but Facebook is pushing ahead with its own agenda. Today, they announced a partnership with ABC News to bring political coverage to Facebook. As Facebook’s first partnership with a news organization, the deal could change the way that Facebook users think about politics.

Now, just providing political news wouldn’t be enough to make an impact, so Facebook and ABC News will be jointly sponsoring Democratic and Republican debates in New Hampshire. The debates are scheduled for January 5, three days before the state’s primary.

The New York Times covers the deal, noting that ABC News reporters have already been using Facebook as a way to communicate with their readers: