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Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on Google+Share on FacebookBuffer this page says they’re the largest people search engine in the world. But to me, they look like a people meta-search engine, pulling their information from the web at large as well as from MySpace, LinkedIn and other people search engines. Now they’re expanding their site to include profiles.

For once, the connection between a product (the people search website) and a social network actually made perfect sense to me: you can “claim” your profile in search results, then add to it or modify it.

The Wink Blog features a rundown of the key benefits of the new social network and I think they put the right one first.

  • Control Over False or Defamatory Content: “Wink provides the owner of each profile complete authority to edit, correct or remove any content – photos, tags, labels, descriptions, links or feeds – in their profile. This helps them prevent false or defamatory information from persisting, and lets them present themselves as they’d like to be seen.”
  • Detailed Public Search Listings: “including their biography, interests, work, school and other
    information. Additionally each profile can have multiple photos”
  • Friend Feeds: Not just tracking your friends’ Wink profiles, but all “view a feed of their friends’ postings to any RSS-enabled site such as Twitter, Flickr, Jaiku, and Amazon Wish Lists, wherever they are across the Web.”
  • Contact Me: “People can choose to have those who find them on Wink leave a message at Wink, reach them via their favorite social network, instant messenger service, Skype, email or phone.”
  • Profile Claiming and Control: “People can use the industry standard MicroID to verify their ownership of webpages and public profiles found on Or they can associate a publicly known email address (work, school or personal) with their public search
    listing on”

The bottom line: While none of us need another social network (do we?), the ability to have the final say in controlling your profile is always a boon for your online reputation management.

  • I have found wink.coms profile page to be hard to rank in google. Yahoo seems to like it however.

    Thought I would throw that out there.

  • Do people actually use people search engines? I know I don’t, but I know I’m not everyone. The few times I have they seemed so inaccurate that I had a hard time seeing the use.

    I can’t see most people taking the time to fill out their own profile or even being aware they can and those that do take the time are likely found in so many other places.

    Interesting Brian. If the profiles can do well in a search engine then I can definitely see the value filling out your own.

  • For last two years once in every few months there was a new startup coming up on techcrunch promising a better solution to people search, I guess best destination will be facebook if it continues to grow with current growth rate.

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