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It’s good to be back in Raleigh–at least for a few weeks, then back to Vegas for Pubcon.

Here are the news items that almost deserved their own post, but just didn’t have the staying power to get the job done–kind of like UNC. 😉

  • Muwhowahahahaha…UNC, e.g., the University of No Class, LOST to the good guys. Wooohoo! Go State!

  • What a game. I don’t care much for both schools but man I even got into that one there at the end.

  • Jordan McCollum

    All Carolina losses are happy days!!

  • @ Brian – let us take you under our Wolfpack Wing and teach you the higher ways of being a Wolfpack fan. 🙂

    @ Jordan – you are very correct!

  • Congrats on the win over UNC. It’s about time! I guess we need to be considerate of those fans over at State college and let them win 1 game out of every 4 years. Basketball season is upon us…..and oh yeah, who’s Number 1 in all the land?!!??

    GO HEELS!!

  • @Scogtt — nice name 😉

    Did you read our comment policy? We take the use of profanity–such as “Go He#ls”–seriously around here. 😉

  • Andy – Sadly, many UNC-CH graduates are unable to spell their own name. We need to take pity on them.

    @ Scogtt – Bring your heels on over to the RBC. We’re not scared.

  • “Scogtt” is merely an alias name I use when I’m going in to hostile territory ;-). Props on the win and the potential bowl game. Your #22 ranked B-ball team looks promising…….when they’re not on deck to play UNC.

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