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Today’s Pilgrim’s Picks come from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. If you’re never visited the Blue Ridge Mountains, then you’ve missed out on the type of scenery you can rest your eyes on.

Before I head out on a hike, I found these great news stories to share with you today.

  • Drew Stauffer

    Having just moved over here to SC from San Diego I sure do know what you mean about the wonderful scenery. I lived in SD for 7 years and never saw a leaf change. After a while it really bothered me.

  • minicix

    Viddler’s tagging based advertisement may work, but those ads dont have to appear inside the player, below player may work as well, if user is interested s/he will click anyway.

  • Dean

    Re: Google’s market share topped 64% in October…

    What???? RedZee isn’t in the Top 4??? 😉

  • Simpletiger – Jeremiah

    Do you think Google buying Skype would make world wide PC to phone calls free? I’m sure they would find a way to make a bold move like they did with the purchase of Urchin.

    I hike the Blue Ridge Mountains too! Have you ever been to Yonah Mountain in Cleveland Georgia? Thats where I learned to climb and repel.

  • Andy Beal

    @Dean – strangely they didn’t make the list.

    @Jeremiah – I would imagine they would.

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