Posted November 6, 2007 7:41 am by with 3 comments

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I’m in Kansas City today, speaking at the NTA Annual Convention, before flying off to Vegas for Blogworld. Kansas City reminds me of a little of Charlotte, NC, and is certainly a pretty city at night.

I’d expected there to be a lot of news going on this morning, but things are somewhat quiet. I’m sure things will heat-up during the day–especially with the expected Facebook announcement–but for the time being, here are the news items you need to know about.

  • Hey you are not too far away from me now lol. Thanks for the links by the way.

    Let us know how it was at the convention! I would like to join but too busy schedule to do so.

  • KC has the most interesting airport…security is at the individual gates!

  • Andy,

    I know this question may be unrelated to this particular blog, but maybe you can answer a question of mine… Why do companies such as Pottery Barn pay Google Adwords for the top spot, when they come up number one in the search results anyway? Is this something that major corporations are having to do just to keep a re-seller from obtaining the “paid” spot that appears before their site listing? Hopefully this question makes sense…?


    Justin (a.k.a. SureFire Boy)