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Quigo, a New York/Israel-based company that specializes in ad targeting, is in the process of being acquired by AOL, according to a report in Haaretz, an Israeli daily newspaper. Time Warner Inc. is purchasing Quigo for $300 million in an attempt to better compete with Google and Yahoo.

Quigo has two main services that they provide their clients, AdSonar and FeedPoint. Adsonar is very similar to Google’s Adsense in that it provides targeted advertisements on various websites, and FeedPoint is their search engine marketing tool.

Last June, Time Inc. signed an exclusive deal with Quigo that provided their 15 web titles with a custom version of the company’s pay-per-click ad service and allowed the online magazines to be sold as a single network.

Time Inc. executives estimated that the Quigo deal will bring in $100 million in revenue over the next three years. Similarly, at the end of October, Quigo signed a multi-year contract with to develop a custom version of AdSonar for the financial news site.

Will Quigo be powerful enough to pull AOL into the ad targeting market and compete with Google and Yahoo, not really sure, but it will definitely be interesting to watch.

  • Jesus. I can’t believe the amounts that these companies sell for. I’d be amazed if they’re really worth that amount. Look at Myspace – madness.

  • Now this will be an interesting move from AOL, dont you love seeing SE compete?

    They are like little kids spending candy!

  • Zen

    Hope Quigo makes it in the big leagues since I’ve been banned from AdSense and haven’t been able to work my way back in. ¬¬U

  • Does AOL have customers for the ad network so that it buys a software to handle ads? Even search result ads are served by Google for AOL.

  • Do people even fall for that AOL garbage anymore? If anything I think their users think it’s the only way to get on the internet.

    Now that’s 1337.

  • I believe AOL is old news, I do not think they can even compete with Google or Yahoo. As far as the $300M price tag…WAY TOO MUCH!