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image There’s no doubt that Simon Fuller has had great success in is life–bringing us Pop/American Idol and the Spice Girls–but does he really have the magic touch to help Google?

The UK’s Guardian newspaper reports

Executives from the £229bn internet giant have been in discussions with Fuller, who invented Pop Idol, the world’s most successful TV franchise, for about a year. Although details of the deal are a closely guarded secret, sources close to Fuller say it could revolutionise the way entertainment and music are distributed.

‘It’s a big idea on a global scale,’ he said. ‘It will change television in much the way iTunes changed the way music is disseminated.’

Hmm, I wonder what they could have planned. Fuller’s latest efforts are partly responsible for the rise in reality TV programming, but they’re hinting at something to rival iTunes. Perhaps they’re planning to tap into all the original content on YouTube and turn it into a TV show where videos face-off and the audience votes on which clip should progress to the finals. Kind of "America Funniest Videos" meets "American Idol."

Who knows, it’s all just speculation at this point.

  • My buddy Simon!

    I ran into him at a hotel once on Venice Beach. Thinking that he looked so familiar that I must know him from somewhere (personally) I grabbed his arm and said “Hey! What’re you doing out here in SoCal?!?”

    He shook me off and wandered away, talking into his cell phone. I heard him speaking and thought, “British? I don’t know any brits ‘cept for a few and he ain’t onna them…”

    My friends who were watching this and laughing then explained to me who he was and why I knew him. Heh.

    I hope he changes the Pop Music world though, good on him.