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(GSINC‘s Gareth Davies couldn’t resist the lure of SMX London and took excellent notes while he was there. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

“What’s New with the Algorithm?”
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The final session of the day this was an informal Q+A on the subject of “What’s New with the Algorithm?” This session had the infamous DaveN aka Dave Naylor on the panel who had recently returned from a visit to SeoMoz’s office in Seattle.

Dave started off looking at the importance of Google’s move towards Universal Search (and blended results) and everyone seemed to agree that this is more and more common in the UK results.

For anyone unfamiliar with ‘Google Universal’ and what blended results look like, here is a screenshot of a search I did this week for my beloved “posh spice”.

Blended UK Google results screenshot for the search posh spice

So the search is no longer a single search approach with one master catalogue of data, but Google now draws on 5 catalogues resulting is a range different media and what the user can get, is a real time mix of blended search results.

The 5 parts of universal search includes:

1. news
2. video
3. images
4. local
5. books

The discussion moved onto paid links and specifically Google’s crackdown on paid links DaveN pointed out that Google gets 99% of its revenue from selling links (PPC) – which got a good laugh from the crowd. He went on to point out that Google appear to have targeted the vocal bloggers and paid search networks and it appears that there is link filtering. So PR has gone down for folks but few people are noticing any change in traffic.

But what lurks around the corner? Only time will tell.

After the Q&A SEMPO generously set up a complimentary bar for the event attendees. A fine selection of wine and lagers were offered to all, so everyone went home smiling.