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Could Pioneer’s SyncTV Service Hit All the Right Buttons?

image Having taken a quick look at Pioneer Electronics announced online TV platform SyncTV, I’m pretty excited about it.

Here’s what Reuters says the new service will offer:

  • Monthly subscription fees of $2 to $4, or;
  • Buy single episodes instead at $2 per episode
  • Videos will offer surround-sound
  • Resolution will be at least DVD-quality with some in HD
  • Can be transferred to portable devices (except iPod)
  • Will work with Windows and Macs

SyncTV won’t be ready until January and hasn’t yet disclosed which content partners it has lined up.

I like that I can pay a reasonable monthly fee and get DVD/HD quality content that I can move from computer, to TV, to portable player. The biggest question is what video content will SyncTV offer? I’ve yet to find a single online video service that offers a large catalog of content.