Posted November 9, 2007 12:45 pm by with 9 comments

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If you’re not following my Twitter feed, you’re currently missing out on my live tweets covering this morning’s BlogWorld speakers.

I’ll add the notes below–later today–but you can catch it live now!

UPDATE: Janet’s at BlogWorld too, and Twittering here.

UPDATE 2: Michael Arrington didn’t turn up (he forgot), neither did Om Malik (bad back). Instead panel is Leo Laporte and iJustine.

OK, here’s my Twitter feed for those don’t use Twitter. You can follow along live!

UPDATE 3: Live Twittering has ended.

  • Lisa Barone

    Ha. I was going through my Twitters all, “Is he…really…live-tweeting this?” And you are! :)

  • minicix

    why not posting directly to the blog than twitting?
    mike and om must have enough money for a smartphone with blog post app installed.

  • Shama Hyder

    Andy-I am at the same session as you. Following your tweets. Would love to meet you after!

  • Steven Bradley

    Ok I’m following now. I finally joined Twitter a few days ago, have yet to tweet, and generally have no idea what I’m doing there at the moment. But lately I have been convinced it’s worth figuring out and I am now following you.

  • Andy Beal

    @minicix – added feed to this post
    @Shama – sure, I’m sitting up front, Lime shirt. :-)

  • Owen Cutajar

    Thanks for the live-tweeting. It was good to see the micro-updates come in ..

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  • Andy Beal

    @Owen – my pleasure!

  • WaterSubject

    is there any tool that can suggest a number of live watchers of real time twits? People are live twitting events but how large is the audience that tracks the event real time on twitter anyway?