Posted November 1, 2007 12:00 am by with 16 comments

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Just a heads-up that starting today, we’re going to more strictly enforce our comment policy. In particular:

No keywords in author names – we prefer that you use your real name or your normal nickname. If we suspect you’re using an author name to simply include targeted keywords, we’ll either edit or delete your comment.

Please use your real name or commonly used nickname. This only applies to those that wish to be considered for the Top Commentators list–which doesn’t use nofollow. If you don’t care to be on the list, feel free to use what you want (within reason)–we’ll simply filter your name from the list.

If you have any doubts about the use of your current commenting name, please contact us.

  • does this apply to old commentators as well?
    My nicname has a keyword but it is not a target keyword but a descriptive phrase. so do I have to change my name?

  • support your policy.

  • @Water Portal – yes it applies to everyone. You don’t have to change your nic, you can still use it, but it will not be eligible for the list. The policy has been in effect since the list, I just never enforced it. However, it has gotten out of hand.

    The only exception is if you used “Water Portal” as you nic for everything. Eg. if you are known in a forum as “Water Portal”.

  • Jordan McCollum

    Huge sigh of relief over here! That issue has been weighing heavily upon my mind. (Really.)

  • @Jordan – does this mean you’ll start using your real name now? 😉

  • Jordan McCollum

    Oh, man, me too?

    Alright, fine, I’m Mildred Schœpenchaürßen.

    Or can I just keep going by Jordan McCollum? I’m totally dominating the SERPs for that one.

  • LOL

  • Yea I agree Andy I have seen people abusing the system for a while now, I just assumed it was to tedious to keep up with.

  • *chuckle* .. interesting how people always try to abuse what they are given huh?

  • Yes, my website is called WaterSubject but here the Subject thing would not mean anythings, so to mention its a Portal on Water I called it Water Portal, but WaterSubject is fine too.

  • @Water Subject – do you use “Water Subject” as your normal online nickname? You can use whatever you want but if you want to be in the top commenters list you need to use your real name or commonly used nickname.

  • I had noticed the keywords too.

    Aside from the top commenters list, you’ll still get more value in using your name or nickname. It will help brand you in people’s minds in a good way whereas going for the keyword anchor text will likely have the opposite effect.

  • Does it really matter,what name is used? or if some collateral advantage may be gained by someone who comments on your site.

    Isn’t the idea to have a lively discussion on the forum and a healthy give and take (even perhaps disagreements) or ideas?

  • That was a typo, i meant to say ‘of ideas’ not ‘or ideas’.

  • @GoWFB – I totally agree with you! You can use whatever name you want. However, our site is in the minority in that we offer a non-nofollowed link to the top commenters. If you wish to participate in that, then do so in the spirit of commenting–that means avoid using spammy sounding, keyword stuffed nics.

  • Is mine ok? It is not ‘stuffed’ :). When does the top commentators list get updated?