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BlogWorld: Video Service Viddler; Leo Laporte Discusses CPM Rates

There were two interesting things–among many–that I learned from attending Leo Laporte and Justine Ezarik’s session at BlogWorld.

First, from Justine, I discovered a new video player from Viddler that has the cool feature of allowing you to tag and comment on segments of a video.

Second, Leo is getting $35 CPM from advertisers because they know his audience buys whatever he recommends.

Hmm, if there was only a way to bring both these items together…

  • Advice Network

    I learned that Justine is really cute.

    But seriously, I’m intrigued by viddler. I’d hate to be them, sitting in the shadow of youtube and about 100 smaller video services, but I do think they have a good addition to the space. My guess, if it gets popular, they get bought.

  • Bob O’Donnell

    That Viddler service looks really cool. I can remember seeing another service like this but can’te remember what it was called. Looks nice though.

    @advice – yeah – tough market. Probably will get bought out.

  • root123

    The first one is gettable though, while the second is a bit tougher.

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  • Alya

    i agree with you regarding Viddler.
    Viddler – it’s a good service, and there are many other similar services availabe now,
    but i personally perfers verticals such as sutree (
    since you cannot expect one site to hold the entire human knowledge

  • Perde

    Thanks Alya, that one is also excellent.