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Despite getting closer to the holidays, it seems the conference circuit is just getting warmed up. If you’re one of my many groupies, here’s where I’m speaking over the remainder of the year.

National Tour Association Convention 07 – Nov 2-6

OK, this one’s aimed at anyone in the travel, hospitality, and tours industry. I’m holding two presentations. The first is on blogging for the travel industry. The second one is on search engine optimization.

Blogworld Expo – Nov 8-9

Yep, I fly from Kansas City to Las Vegas to speak at what is shaping up to be the largest blogging conference of the year. You’ll find me–along with Vanessa Fox, Aaron Wall, and Stephan Spencer–discussing SEO for blogs. Then it’s straight on to Integrating New Media into your Marketing Mix.

WebmasterWorld Pubcon – Dec 4-7

Pubcon is one of my favorite conferences. You can’t beat it for networking! I’m down to speak on three different sessions. Reputation Monitoring & Management, Search and Blogging Reporters Forum, and Competitive Intelligence.

I hope to see you at one or more of the above!

  • Thanks for the list, wish I could make it to all of them.

  • Jordan McCollum

    The Lisa says you should send me to Blog World to cover your session. So, if you could just find me a baby sitter, we’ll be good.

    The Lisa has spoken!

    (Pity those events are when they are; I’ll be in Vegas between them!)

  • Maybe The Lisa can babysit for you. 😉

  • Andy, at Pubcon your speaking at 3 sessions, which are you looking forward to the most?

  • @Brian – the Search & Bloggers Forum – it was a blast last year. A great panel with no presentations, we just sit their and spill the beans! 😉

  • Andy, thanks for sharing your list. I wish I could go to Vegas, but I’m swamped.