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Andy Beard has posted a thought provoking top 10 list, which will help marketers that are considering launching a social media campaign, focus on making sure that they will get the most out of their efforts.

1. Undefined Goals vs Specific Goals

2. Random Activity vs Planned Method of Attack

3. Random Stats vs Accountable Statistical Measures

4. Random Content vs Planned Content Strategy

5. Random Encounters vs Optimized Role Management

6. Random Pathways vs Defined Traffic Funnel

7. Traffic vs Targeted Traffic

8. Topical Linking vs Strategic Linking

9. Reporter vs News Epicentre

10. Self Orientated vs Customer Orientated

I personally believe Andy has created a nice list of questions that one should be able to answer before entering into a Social Media campaign. Each question is supported with easily understood examples making this list useful for experienced and novice marketers a like.

In my mind item number 4 is probably the key item that ties all the other items together. Having a planned and well thought out content strategy will most likely positively effect all of the other items, just by forcing a marketer to answer many of the other questions that Andy asks, whether the marketer is aware they are addressing the questions or not.

If nothing else this top ten list certainly seems like an excellent resource for any marketer to quickly double check before launching their own social media marketing campaigns.

  • MG

    Nice article 😉

  • Yeah, great tips.


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  • Nicki C

    I really liked the article. A lot of valuable information, especially for those of us who have been doing this for a long time and may have lost our focus.
    Re: the “Planned Method of Attack”, I think many of us create a nice product, put it up on the web, and HOPE someone will come by. We’re like that funky store in the mall that keeps changing hands and never succeeds.
    I’ve refined my Attack by seriously targeting search engines with every element of my sites. Of course linking is important, but getting the actual stories and blogs and even headlines out there for people to read is important. I’ve been using Artemis Pro to automate a whole lot of stuff that I used to do manually. It’s worked out great. I’d like to hear some more from people about how to do this.

  • Nice questions. These questions will help ever webmaster. For newbie it’s difficult to work on all these topics. It’s better to work on targeted traffic, other Strategies. Newtrafficmaster helped me in this.

  • A few of those are common sense but a few are good measures of precaution to consider as well. good list.

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