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Yesterday marked yet another acquisition of an advertising agency, and perhaps one of the last of 2007. This year has brought so many acquisitions, and big news such as Google getting the federal go-ahead to buy DoubleClick.

AOL announced yesterday that they have completed an acquisition of online advertising company Quigo for $340 million. The deal was announced last month. Quigo is the fourth advertising company AOL has acquired this year. Others include: Third Screen Media (mobile advertising) for $80 million, ADTECH (ad serving platform based in Germany), and TACODA (a behavior targeting ad agency) for which they paid $275 million.

Here is a wrap-up of 2007’s biggest advertising agency acquisitions

February 2007
Google buys AdScape for $23 million – so they can develop in-game advertising.
Omniture buys Touch Clarity for $51.5 million

April 2007
Yahoo buys RightMedia for $680 million (online advertising)

May 2007
Microsoft buys aQuantive for $6 billion – positioning them to compete against Google’s planned purchase of DoubleClick for $3.1 billion.

WPP Buys 24/7 RealMedia for $649 million (search marketing and CPM network)

July 2007
Yahoo buys a 35 to 50% stake in Tyroo (an ad agency based in India)

September 2007
Yahoo buys Blue Lithium for $300m (behavioral targeted ad serving)
WPP Group, buys Schematic (undisclosed amount)

What will 2008 bring? Check out Wikipedia’s list of advertising agencies and start the speculation.

  • AOL losing its share on the search market.