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Before we had Google Reader, the biggest kid on the RSS reader block was Bloglines. While Google has taken that title, away from the owned service, Bloglines has been back to the gym recently and added some bulk.

Bloglines has rolled out a slew of new features today, including:

  1. Save: Allows you to save posts including text and graphics (if made available by the publisher) to the Saved folder, so you have quick access for reference later.
  2. Photo Widget: Provides large thumbnails of images from your Flickr feeds. Previously, only the text description was available, so viewing Flickr feeds is better and faster.
  3. Blog View: A new option with the 3-Pane View that lets you see the full blog site versus just the feed article. You’ll see not only the article, but also other site features like Comments and left and right rail page elements, including ads.

Another nice option is ability to either “Save” or “Pin” an item in Bloglines.


What’s the difference?

Sometimes you want article “Pinned” in your reading flow so you’re forced to look at it again to really absorb the complexity of the post. Other times, you want to file away those posts that stand the test of time. That might sound very nuanced, but remember if you’re reading 1,000 articles a day, like Blogliners, you develop several different reading modes.

That could come in very hand–especially if you’re a procrastinating blogger. 😉