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Tired of hearing the Cyber Monday hype yet? Fight back with this factoid: this year’s record-setting Cyber Monday, with $733 million in online sales, has already been displaced as the highest-selling day this holiday season. comScore reports that the new one-day record is $803 million, reached on December 6. Yeah, that’s a Thursday. So much for the whole “Monday” theory.

The $800 million day saw 28% higher revenue than the same day last year and set a milestone as the first $800+ million day in online revenue. This brings the total spent online this year to over $18 billion, up 18% over last year’s $15 billion.

comScore predicts that the total this year will be $29.5 billion, up nearly 20% over last year’s $24.6 billion.

We still have 15 shopping days left until Christmas. Last week, I predicted that today would be the final peak of the online shopping season.

So, get out there, get shopping and make my prediction come true (please?).

  • The plot thickens! (Or would that be “thins”?)

    Someone commented on my “Cyber Monday” post, linking to data that showed the following Mondays AFTER to be the heaviest peaks.

    I’ll bet next Monday (the 17th) takes the cake.

    Still, I wonder if this year’s results were skewed at all by late shoppers for an early Hanukkah adding to the mix.

  • Jordan McCollum

    I’m not sure, but I think next Monday might be cutting it too close, unless people are more willing to spring for expedited shipping.

  • Eduardo

    @ Jordan

    Ahh, thats the trick though isn’t it? Most E-tailers realize its the holiday season so I would venture to guess 60%-80% of them have shipping deals/times posted in big letters somewhere. Prime membership comes in extremely handy around this time of year 🙂 Free overnight and 2-day shipping on tons of goodies.

  • I really don’t care which day is hyped by the media, as long as it brings in customers. I will wager a guess that the day after Thanksgiving wasn’t always a huge shopping day. But slowly the media started reporting on it, and stores started picking up on it and offering great deals. And now it is a huge day.

    I think the whole “Cyber Monday/Thursday” is in the starting phases. I forsee it soon being a big deal that gets reported just as hard as the day after sales.