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bebo and yahoo sittin in a treeIt’s not enough that Bebo, too impatient for Google to finish OpenSocial, announced their own, Facebook-compatible platform today. No, then Yahoo adds insult to injury: they were one of the by-invitation-only developers who were informed of the announcement in advance so they could have their Bebo apps ready at launch.

And they do. Yahoo announced today that they have two Bebo applications designed to increase their cross-platform dominance portability and accessibility. The applications integrate Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Music into users’ Bebo profiles.

The Yahoo Music app’s utility should be pretty obvious—if you haven’t seen the music-sharing, music-rating and other music-related apps from iLike and imeem on Facebook, then . . . you’re not a member, are you?

But let me just tell you, the Yahoo Answers app is both handy and dandy because I really wanted all my obscure search marketing contacts to know that I can answer not only search marketing conundra but also questions on trivia on fashion from the 1920s, music from the 1970s, etymologies, languages, US history and parenting.