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Flickr & Picnik Join to Bring Online Photo Editing

If you’ve ever purchased your own photo editing software, you’ll know that they can run hundreds of dollars. Well, amateur photographers rejoice! Thanks to a new partnership with Picnik, Flickr users can now edit their photos online–for free!

The Picnik/Flickr collaboration works similarly to other 3rd party services who’ve built additional tools on top of the Flickr API: You’ll need to pass through the step of giving the Picnik service permission to edit and save your photos… It’s a little bit like you’re “installing” Picnik on your Flickr account, but with nothing to download.

Here’s a Flickr example of a before and after…

To get started, simply look for the "edit photo" link above your photos.

  • Advice Network

    Besides starting Advice Network, I am also a photographer, and I just have to say, good editing job on the sample photo!

  • Perde

    Looks like it’s closest standalone counterpart should be Photoshop Lightroom.

  • Mobile guy

    This is most wonderful feature in flickr I know.

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