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If you’ve ever purchased your own photo editing software, you’ll know that they can run hundreds of dollars. Well, amateur photographers rejoice! Thanks to a new partnership with Picnik, Flickr users can now edit their photos online–for free!

The Picnik/Flickr collaboration works similarly to other 3rd party services who’ve built additional tools on top of the Flickr API: You’ll need to pass through the step of giving the Picnik service permission to edit and save your photos… It’s a little bit like you’re “installing” Picnik on your Flickr account, but with nothing to download.

Here’s a Flickr example of a before and after…

To get started, simply look for the "edit photo" link above your photos.

  • Besides starting Advice Network, I am also a photographer, and I just have to say, good editing job on the sample photo!

  • Looks like it’s closest standalone counterpart should be Photoshop Lightroom.

  • This is most wonderful feature in flickr I know.

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