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Google Checkout, Google’s online payment system, is extending its free processing until February 1, 2008. The promotion was going to end on December 31, 2007. If you’re a Google Adwords customer for every dollar you spend on AdWords, you can process $10 of sales with Google Checkout for free. After that you’ll be charged 2.0% plus $0.20 per transaction no matter what credit card is used. There are no monthly, setup, or gateway fees.

You must link your AdWords account with Checkout to earn free transaction processing. If you add the link by February, 2008, your AdWords spend from January will count towards free processing in February.

Your Checkout and AdWords accounts must be based on the same currency in order to be linked. One nice feature of Checkout is that the fees, when they are charged, are straightforward. PayPal fees depend on your account type, your monthly sales, and whether the buyer is sending money from a bank account or credit card.

Google Checkout is gaining on Paypal when it comes to the top 200 largest online merchants (barely).

Both Paypal and Google Checkout have holiday promotions running. Better hurry though, time is running out.

  • I would prefer connection Checkout with my AdSense

  • Rich Martel

    They solicited me and offered one year no fees no charges so I left paypal and saved about $3500. I am a small home business. They approved my business a year ago. Only one chargeback and they handled it horribly. No big deal but Paypal was and is more professional along those lines.

    A year to the day they told me that as a dog breeder, I am in violation of their policies on acceptable products. It took Google checkout a year to figure that out. I went back to Paypal several weeks ago and have not looked back. Google checkout customer service stinks.

    Decided to stop spending $2250 a month with them as well on adwords. Shifted those dollars to yahoo and actually had more daily visitors of the same quality.

  • I must say, clients often have a very negative view of Paypal owing to the hundreds of Paypal phishing scams in operation. the perception is that Paypal is not ‘secure’ or is an ‘easy target’ for hackers, spammers et al. Google, on the other hand, has a halo of trust, although as has been mentioned above customer service leaves one wanting.