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Google needs a Google contest page to track their list of contests both past and present all in one place. They use contests in different ways (to get work for free, to train future employees, and to expose more people to their products).

Since I’m an optimist I try to imagine they do it mainly to encourage innovation and better solutions to the world’s problems both on and offline. Even if that’s not the whole story, it’s very feel good. It infuses a sense of fun and open-mindedness since they are always a bit quirky are aimed a broad age and range of people.

Contests can be a good way to get things done and you don’t have to fly people to company headquarters either. Guy Kawasaki got his book cover designed by running a contest.

Here is a list of some Google contests (feel free to fill me in on any I’ve missed):

Here’s another Google contest for college students who want to assist local businesses about online marketing. It’s called the Online Marketing Challenge.

Here are some details for the Online Marketing Challenge:

  • It was developed with college professors around the world
  • Students get $200 worth of free advertising dollars to spend on a campaign
  • Groups of students find local businesses to run an internet marketing strategy
  • Starts in February 2008 and participants run the campaign on a three week timeframe

If you teach a college course (this makes me want to actually) this is a great way to give students practical experience on Google’s dime. The contest winners get a trip to the Googleplex and get to meet the developers of Google AdWords. Probably some swag too. No cash, but a bit of fun.

  • I think some more advanced design course should include an SEO section or have a local expert come in for a day.

  • Great, can’t wait. Sent an email to my professor to form a team and register. Thanks Andy.

  • I wish it was open to some not-for-profit organizations that hold classes for web marketing and such. Their students can use this becasue they typically are small business consulatants that are trying to break into the Internet marketing arena

  • Great information, thank you! I’ll be sharing this latest and greatest for students with my son’s teachers. What a great way to get a leg up 🙂

    Also, I had no idea Google does all these contests (must be living under a rock lol!), so appreciate finding this out, too.

  • Thanks…good to know

  • Outstanding info…. I also did not know these were going on..

  • homer

    You left out the “why I love Gmail” video contest

  • Contests are a really superior marketing and advertising tack because they actually involve and engage with your target audience. People enjoy them and you are correct, you can get a lot of your work done for free through them.

  • Thanks for the great info. I was also unaware that Google offered these contests, it’s good to know though. Boy is there anything Google doesn’t do.

  • This contest will be challenging but they have to do some proper exercise on that internet marketing. In this case they have to start an home exercise and develop their site by promoting them.

  • Thanks for compiling this. I had a great client that was also very controlling. They made a fashion accessory line. I recommend they have a contest to allow people to submit designs and have the winner selected by website visitors. The winners design would be used plus named in the honor of the designer with all props of course. This appeared too “Scary” not sure what that means. I love contests. Thanks Janet.

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  • I have to talk with my professor to form a team and sign up.

    Thank You Andy. I am really impressed of Your blog.

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    Kemerburgaz +1

  • Gunjan

    Another contest by google was the Google Women in Engineering Award.
    I would like to know if there are more contests for college students to do something with programming

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    I have passed by your blog a couple of times and really like the general content and broad resource base you provide to your readers.

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