Posted December 4, 2007 4:34 pm by with 2 comments

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Yesterday we mentioned that it looked like the FTC would soon give the Google/DoubleClick acquisition the green light after all. But Google’s not going to let that stop them: paidContent reports today that Google is exploring more partnerships, regardless of whether their current deal goes through:

the company also hopes to charm ad agencies and TV networks that appear increasingly concerned about the online giant’s respective online ad moves and its audience measurement agreement with EchoStar.

They didn’t, however, ignore the pending merger completely:

In terms of looking for the connectivity tissue between supply and demand, DoubleClick fits very squarely into our strategy. Given that strategy, one of the things we exploring the ability to work with multiple partners. We feel very strongly that the deal should be approved, in light of the approvals our competitors have received.

Tim Armstrong, president of advertising and commerce, and Nick Fox, Google’s director of product management, also said (speaking in a conference this week) that their offline initiatives, which include radio, newspaper and television advertising, have “been a real test for us. . . . [T]here is not enough data to show advertisers why that inventory was really valuable.” However “TV is doing well in terms of monetization,” and they’re prepared to be in this effort for the long haul, noting that search took them two and a half years to master.

paidContent’s David Kaplan also asked Armstrong about YouTube’s InVideo overlay ads. He replied:

We’ve been getting good feedback from advertisers and users and we’re hopeful that this is going to be one of the ways people advertise on video in the future. And we’ll continue to optimize it over time.

Sounds like that one might be here to stay.