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It’s always fun whenever someone discovers one of Google’s many experiments with their search interface. 99% of the time, the discovered tests never materialize as a major rollout for Google, but it’s still worth noting.

Today, Valleywag has news that Google is testing the display of videos and products in the sidebar…


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Now, where have we seen this before, I wonder?


  • Wow, google wouldn’t push their bread and butter down for that would they?

    I think it would be great to see, however pushing PPC down the page will only decrease clickthroughs, revenue, shareholder wealth yada yada.

  • @Brian – that’s probably what they are testing. Could it be that if you saw a video in the sidebar, your attention might also be drawn to the ads below?

  • Good point, I am sure they will test that a good bit.

    I do like the fact though now that making these changes gets rid of the old Golden triangle.

    Subsequently changing peoples eye patterns on the page and helping increase clickthrus for organic results that are lower down the page.

  • My first thought was are they trying to kill the golden goose? My second was “That’s the end of me trying to bid high up”.

    BUT. If it makes people more aware of the rest of the page it may actually help. Although the screenshot looks like it will push the ads below the fold.

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  • Zen

    I seriously doubt they’ll lower their sponsored results to the bottom of the sidebar.

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  • I love it when people catch google experimenting with their site.


  • I can see them putting YouTube movies in the search. But I am suprised they put in Products results as well. I always thought the Products section of Google was struggling. I don’t think one video in a search would hurt anything

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  • It’ll be interesting to see how this test turns out and whether or not the sidebar results end up becoming part of the interface.

    My first reaction is similar to thinking that pushing the ads down means less clicks and thus less money, but Andy you may be right that a well placed video will draw more attention to the ads in the first place.

  • I think they are testing new features every day, for example i cannot see same layout sometimes that i did see previous day.

    We need a big run to stay close to google’s spiders 🙂

  • I can’t honestly see them doing anything that would effect the revenue they generate from PPC advertising.
    I would like to see them move the sponsored links from the top of the page and just confine them to the sidebar. If you have managed to naturally gain top ranking, you should have exactly that.