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Hitwise has some new features for marketers through their Search Intelligence™ product. The information is geared towards helping companies improve and plan their search engine marketing strategies.

Marketers can now see which of their competitor’s keywords are successful in driving traffic. The keyword analysis covers both paid and organic search terms. They also report on the fastest moving keywords or trends weekly to as to keep current on what customers are searching for.

The most valuable feature here is that the data is separated into paid vs. organic keywords. In general organic SEO takes longer but then they are permanent links that can build over time. I help companies with SEO blogs and many are hoping for a quick benefit. The money keeps going out but the results are slow to show up (though they do show up). Interestingly enough, education also plays into this (based on research I’ve seen). If you’re targeting a higher educated customer they’re more likely to be more savvy and skip the ads.

Paid search can give you immediate feedback for your spend, but once the budget is spent, the links are gone. IMO, organic is especially important on very high cost keywords. Most internet marketers use both (or should be). Here’s an article on the pros and cons of organic vs. paid ads that goes into more detail.

Hitwise provides competitive intelligence based on how 10 million U.S. Internet users interact with more than one million websites each day.

  • Hitwise seems to have come up with some very useful features here. It would be useful to have someone update fast moving keywords and trends to keep companies current.

  • It’s kinda counter-productive though. If everyone has easy access to trend data then everybody will target the same keywords etc – which just makes it more difficult to compete.

  • Thanks for the link to our article about organic vs paid search. At HubSpot we’re very passionate that organic search is critical to your inbound marketing strategy.

  • Zen

    This is all commercial products.

  • @Bob: That’s the Internet Marketing game, non? Banner ads were great, then everyone did banner ads so the media got over saturated and the CTR tanked.

    @Janet: A quick test PPC campaign does have the most immediate feedback on how keywords and copy descriptions do for SEO (and for PPC), but they dont give us seasonal data.

    One of the benefits of HitWise for me has beent he ability to see what was popular say last Thanksgiving’s Day, and see if what I can apply for this year. Places traveled, vacation etc.