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landingpagehandbook.gifOur friends at MarketingSherpa have put together two awesome resources for marketers looking to get the most out of their web page conversions.

On the back of their 270+page Landing Page Handbook (affiliate), MarketingSherpa has teamed up with Marketo to provide a completely free teleseminar entitled β€œNew Research: Practical Tips on how to Lift Conversion Response.”

Based on the new research in the MarketingSherpa Landing Page Handbook (2008 Edition), this teleseminar will discuss:

  • Five types of landing page tests that work to increase conversion rates
  • Real, creative examples of these results
  • Examples of increased conversions for PPC dynamic search, registration forms, creative elements, SEO landings and mobile email
  • Budgeting for analytics and testing
  • The biggest tip on measuring landing pages

The seminar is on Wednesday December 12th at 2pm EST and you can buy the Landing Page Handbook here.

  • Have you read any of this Andy? Sherpa puts out some good stuff.

  • I think a good landing page is make or break, especially considering how much a click can cost. Thanks for the tip.

  • @Brian – I’ve not read all of it, but it looks impressive. There’s lots of practical advice, backed by research. There are also a lot of before and after screenshots so you can see what the mean. Is it worth the high price tag? It depends on how much tweaking you’ve done thus far. Consider this, if paying the $500 took your conversion rate from 1.5% to 2.5% what would that be worth to you? πŸ˜‰

    I tell you what, if you want to write a full review for MP, I’ll lend you my copy!

  • I am def up for it. My new focus for my co. into the new year is exactly that, and could surely see some benefit out of it. On top of that I have a 7 hour plane flight to London in 2 weeks so I need something to read. πŸ™‚

  • Halfa Lump

    Even their executive summaries are awesome. And they’ve got a ton of free information to get you hooked, such as the Eyetracking Landing Page Study with heatmaps included:

    Recently I’ve been taking their insights and testing with James Brausch’s multivariate testing script (

    I’d love to get my hands on the full paid info! How many days of Hanukkah left again?


  • Looks awesome. It appears that they’ve upgraded this edition with more color. The thing with the older editions was that they were in black & white. The sherpa stuff is great and just keeps getting better.