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pic-home-310x310.jpgWhile it may appear that LinkedIn has no answer to the recent surge of people moving to Facebook for their business networking, the company has quietly worked behind the scenes to revamp itself.

Announced today, LinkedIn is rolling out a host of new features which the company hopes will convince members to use the network as a business dashboard–with snapshots of key information and events in your business network.

The first new addition is the introduction of company news. Your LinkedIn homepage now shows the five most read news items about your business and you can click through for more items.

Company News feed ranked by relevance and popularity…by your colleagues this past week or in the past 2 weeks thereby providing you a complete history of the hot business topics in your professional world.

Here’s how it looks:


Of course, if you’re a company of just one, then you don’t really have the peers to help you find the relevant news about your business.

Another new feature announced is the ability to customize and move the modules on your homepage. Right now you can only add modules for People, Jobs, and Answers, but clearly LinkedIn is preparing for a slew of new modules that will come with its participation in OpenSocial.

Here’s a module in action…


Finally, LinkedIn brings users a new “Network Updates” section. The feature offers a timeline of events from your network and reminds me of the “News Feed” in Facebook.

Is it enough to keep LinkedIn in the business networking game? For me. LinkedIn has become more of a dynamic resume than an active network that I participate in. If I want to connect and communicate with my contacts I’ll use Twitter, Facebook, or, gasp, email. If I want to find someone to hire, share a referral, or show off my mad internets skillz, then I’ll point them to LinkedIn.

What say you?

UPDATE: LinkedIn also reveals more on its plans to allow third-party applications.