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Most Popular Google Searches for 2007

With this year wrapping up Google has compiled their most searched-on terms of the year. This is the online popularity contest as well as good information about what’s on people’s minds, available to you through Google Zeitgeist.

This is valuable information if you’re a marketer. Say you own an online dating site, you know that people want to know how to kiss (see below) or what love is. Your articles and newsletters could dwell on those topics for some time. It’s also valuable if you’re curious like I am.

Let’s start with the best first, and that to me is the philosophical questions we try to answer with Google. The number one question of the year is “who is God,” and some would answer: Google of course! The most commonly googled what and how questions are: what is love and how to kiss.

Of course politics has been on our mind too (I’d like to know how politics compares to our celebrity searches) and here’s a handy chart that shows just how much Ron Paul has come onto the scene. He went from almost dead last to the top by a long shot. It looks like Republicans aren’t fairing as well as Democrats – at least for Google users.

What about news? It’s not so intellectual – we want to know about celebrities. This, unlike most of the rest is on a global scale. I’m not sure how much of Google News traffic is international, but here’s the list:

Google News Most Popular Searches (global)

  1. american idol
  2. youtube
  3. britney spears
  4. 2007 cricket world cup
  5. chris benoit
  6. iphone
  7. anna nicole smith
  8. paris hilton
  9. iran
  10. vanessa hudgens

And now for a smattering of top search terms:
TV show: heroes
Movie: transformers
Politician: ron paul
Ringtone: mosquito rington
Diet: weight watchers
Recipe: master cleanse recipe
Fitness: pilates, followed by bikram yoga (which is amazing because it’s so specific)

As far as game consoles go the number of searches keeps rising as it gets closer to Christmas. The wii has gained a lot of popularity during October and November due to scarcity.

As far as Yahoo – I didn’t find a complete list but the #1 search term was Britney Spears. Lycos users sought less celebrity and more substantial news stories, like the top news search: Saddam Hussein Execution. Still looking for the MSN list…

  • GoWFB

    Riveting post! I am amazed that the top search is ‘Who is god’. I am also amazed that that many people think someone online can teach them how to kiss! :) That Ms Spears was a top search term also amazes me,who on earth wants to know more than is already splashed around the media; beats me!

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  • Zen

    Great info! To bad they don’t show it for every country Google works in. :(

  • Futon-Matt

    Cool post, I wish my business had anything to do with any of those terms. :)


  • Shirley

    I have always thought your information was very infromative but now I take that back. I don’t like any of the Google Searches you recommend. I feel it is a waist of my time and my computer.

  • DHFabian

    Out of such a vast, amazing universe, the greatest thing on the minds of Americans is B. Spears?

  • Eddy M

    It is so good to see that people have not put porn as the number one listing! Does that mean people are at long last realizing “there is more to porn that meets the eye”?

  • Harrace

    As Google is the king of search engines, and remains so in 2007, it’s informative to see the top searches performed there. This information is good to target the market, and the top searched keywords can be monetized by doing a content site based on the keywords, and making money via Google AdSense, affiliate programs and selling products relating to such popular keywords.

    Senior Internet Marketing Coach

  • mOO cHOW


  • mOO cHOW



  • mOO cHOW


  • Discomonkey

    oh yeah like w all know it was p0rn

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