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The New York Times has announced that they will begin featuring “citizen journalism” videos focusing on the upcoming presidential election. (That’s right, start your countdown clocks now, only 50 weeks left. Joy.)

Read/WriteWeb reports:

The videos will feature non-professional journalists and will run on the Op-Ed section of the site until February 5, so-called “Super Tuesday” when a large number of US states hold primary elections.

RWW also points out that the NY Times has run clips from since October.

However, I think this constitutes a new level of involvement from the New York Times. If you were never a comms major in college (ah, freshman year), the New York Times is an institution in print journalism. This the newspaper that’s won the most Pulitzer Prizes, the one with “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” the one that can get away with its own style guide (which does mean that they’re supposed to print things like “U.R.L.’s”). It’s one of the three largest print dailies in the US.

But they don’t have a TV station. They don’t have original, professional video content. They have published letters to the editor for decades, but don’t have comments on their website. So I think it’s a bit of a big deal for the Times to issue basically an open invitation to contribute to their website.

The question is, who will?

  • Zen

    It’s interesting you mention newspapers being more open to listening to thier users’ opinion. Some months ago,, an Argentinian newspaper, allowed visitor’s comments on their site. Will the NYT be next? Time will tell…

  • This is early days for They certainly like what we’ve shown to them so far, but this is new for them and they are being careful. Our first piece will air tomorrow on, and its pretty raw in places. Our second piece will air on Sunday, and we have a couple of scenes that will create controversy. We were filming in Iowa over the past four days, and we had one citizen shaken by Senator Biden and we snuk into Kevein Bacon’s dressing room, before his rock band opened for Senator Edwards. One last thing, which I think people are missing, is we are shooting as close to real time as possible. We film, we edit, we send to or to our local news partners. We will have our citizens blog and vlog as it happens. Let me know if you want a citizen to come visit your site

  • who will?

  • but if they advertise on the subject, there some people who will join..

  • I can’t see 🙁