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Most site owners aren’t adept or don’t have the experience to find ads for their sites. Perhaps you don’t have the staff to manage ad campaigns. If you would rather let someone else handle that, joining an ad network is the way to go. You will split the ad revenue based on how many clicks or how many times the ad is views.

MarketingSherpa just published another part in their series about ad networks about what works best. The article is only accessible for a week.

As you probably know, people often don’t click on banner ads, text ads usually perform better. But there is still a place for them and the more targeted they are to the site, the better.

Initial research you need to do.

  • MarketingSherpa suggests evaluating things like, if you’re trying to build your brand or trying to sell something.
  • Review terms and guidelines before you design an ad. Networks may restrict where ads can go and sizes of the ads.
  • Know what actions you want someone to take and map out the path to get them there.

Calls to action
If you’re trying to promote something calls to action are usually: ‘buy now,’ ‘act now,’ ‘get free info,’ or ‘get more info.’ I know graphic designers cringe at this, but buttons in eye-catching colors are normally more effective. In test after test I’ve seen the ugly orange or redish buttons outperform ones that match the site or the rest of the ad.

Ad Placement
The best place to put an ad is “above the fold” or in the top half of the page.

List of ad networks (I also found another list of ad networks that has ratings and more info about each)
To wrap up, I wanted to list ad networks from MarketingSherpa, and I added a few to the list. Please comment if you have any information about any of them or want to add your own ad network.

24/7 Real Media:


Affiliate Fuel:


Audience Marketplace:

Azoogle Ads:



Casale Media:

Collective Media:


CPX Interactive:

enCircle Media:



Martha’s Circle (geared to the Martha Stewart brand):
Premium Network Inc.:

Pulse 360:



Remix Media:

Real Girls Network (upper income, educated women):
Specfic Media:


Traffic Marketplace:

Travel Ad Network:

Tribal Fusion:

Undertone Networks:



International ad Networks:
ad pepper media:


Mooter Media:


SinoTech Media Ltd.:

  • Another great list.

  • A good blog… wanted to add SinoTech Media ( to your list. One of the largest ad networks in China. This network supports both an ad exchange and blind ad placement model.