On Using an Ad Network

Most site owners aren’t adept or don’t have the experience to find ads for their sites. Perhaps you don’t have the staff to manage ad campaigns. If you would rather let someone else handle that, joining an ad network is the way to go. You will split the ad revenue based on how many clicks or how many times the ad is views.

MarketingSherpa just published another part in their series about ad networks about what works best. The article is only accessible for a week.

As you probably know, people often don’t click on banner ads, text ads usually perform better. But there is still a place for them and the more targeted they are to the site, the better.

Initial research you need to do.

Pilgrim’s Picks for December 5

Just because PubCon and SES are in full swing, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the online marketing world came to a grinding halt.

Here are the news items breaking today…

Flickr & Picnik Join to Bring Online Photo Editing

If you’ve ever purchased your own photo editing software, you’ll know that they can run hundreds of dollars. Well, amateur photographers rejoice! Thanks to a new partnership with Picnik, Flickr users can now edit their photos online–for free!

The Picnik/Flickr collaboration works similarly to other 3rd party services who’ve built additional tools on top of the Flickr API: You’ll need to pass through the step of giving the Picnik service permission to edit and save your photos… It’s a little bit like you’re “installing” Picnik on your Flickr account, but with nothing to download.

Here’s a Flickr example of a before and after…

To get started, simply look for the "edit photo" link above your photos.

Post-Thanksgiving sales up 18% over last year

A comScore report shows that online spending for the week after Thanksgiving was over $4 billion, which is 18% higher than the same week last year. The heaviest day was the Monday after Thanksgiving with $733 million.

Other highlights from the report included the tidbit that more people order from work than at home and international sales are actually down from last year by 6%.

At Vitabase, we saw a 60% spike in sales the Monday after Thanksgiving, and last week was our top revenue week of the last few months. This is very abnormal for the products we sell–natural supplements tend to be weak during the holiday season, so we are pretty excited here at the moment.

Facebook Gets Another $60 Million

While still not officially announced there is news that Facebook got another $60 million from Chinese billionaire Li Ka-shing. He is the chairman of Cheung Kong Holdings Limited and Hutchison Whampoa Limited and is 79 years old. He has massive investments in all sorts of companies and has recently invested in more internet companies.

According to sources, Li is not making the investment in Facebook via the companies he controls, but through another investment entity. He also has the right to invest another $60 million in Facebook, meaning he will own .4 percent, and Microsoft’s 1.6%.

He has recently invested in more Internet companies, including a $45 million investment in Joost (the Internet television site founded by the co-founders of Skype). Read about him on Wikipedia and he’s right out of The Millionaire Next Door. You couldn’t tell by the way he dresses or acts that he’s one of the richest men in the world.

Your Viral Marketing Message Dissected

Sometimes the turn of a phrase or even just the lack of a single word can be all the difference between delivering a powerful and highly proficient viral marketing message or missing the boat entirely. Gord Hotchkiss has recently posted an excellent breakdown of what turns a rumor or message into that successful viral entity all marketers hope for.

Gord begins with “Jumping The Weak Ties”. This is the concept of creating an idea compelling enough that it will have the ability to transcend a social group and leap out to other groups, creating the viral buzz. Gord also addresses “Moral Hazard” at the same time, which is the idea that even a compelling idea, when laden down with conditions, may fail to be able to break the barrier of the initial social group and ultimately fail. Gord does a nice job of covering historical research on these ideas as well as offering up some well thought out and useful examples.

Photos from PubCon Las Vegas – Day One

PubCon is great excuse to test out my new digital SLR camera. Here are a few photos from my Flickr account–there are 70+ photos in total from day one.

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