Search Insider Summit: Mobile Search from Medio

You’ve conquered the world of online search advertising, but what next? As more and more people rely on their mobile phone for content and information, mobile search advertising is a natural path for growth and YOUR attention. As the leader of mobile search and advertising, Medio will share with you the basics of search advertising on the device that is personal and immediate. We’ll share tips and tricks on how to optimize a campaign for mobile and targeting opportunities that is unique to mobile.

Carrie Coffee, Sales Executive, MEDIO Systems

There are three times as many mobile handsets as PCs. There are twice as many mobile subscribers as Internet users.

75% of mobile Internet users are searching.

Getting started as an advertiser

A Year in Review – Ad Agencies Acquired

Yesterday marked yet another acquisition of an advertising agency, and perhaps one of the last of 2007. This year has brought so many acquisitions, and big news such as Google getting the federal go-ahead to buy DoubleClick.

AOL announced yesterday that they have completed an acquisition of online advertising company Quigo for $340 million. The deal was announced last month. Quigo is the fourth advertising company AOL has acquired this year. Others include: Third Screen Media (mobile advertising) for $80 million, ADTECH (ad serving platform based in Germany), and TACODA (a behavior targeting ad agency) for which they paid $275 million.

Here is a wrap-up of 2007’s biggest advertising agency acquisitions

February 2007
Google buys AdScape for $23 million – so they can develop in-game advertising.
Omniture buys Touch Clarity for $51.5 million

While Its Quiet, Say Thanks to these Advertisers

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Pilgrim’s Picks for December 21 – “Go Home” Edition

Whenever I log into my RSS reader and see less than 1000 items to peruse, I know it’s going to be a light news day–perhaps I need to build my own forecasting widget.

Today was one of those days. What that means is that there’s really not much going on in the world of internet marketing news. That also means that after you’ve read the items below, you have my permission to go home–tell the boss I said it was OK. ;-)

Don’t panic! If anything exciting happens today, we’ll let you know.

  • Techdirt reports that Amazon has patented “blurbs” and Google “snippets.” If you want “clips,” “bites,” or “smattering” you’d better get to the patent office ASAP.
  • The internet in the UK is being taken over by those over-55.

Search Insider Summit: Search Insiders Tell All

Every day, MediaPost’s Search Insider columnists illuminate the search landscape. Now it’s time for them to get off their pedestals and face your toughest questions first-hand. They’ll mouth off on all the most pressing search issues and the hot topics discussed at the Search Insider Summit so far.

  • David Berkowitz, Director of Emerging Media & Client Strategy, 360i
  • Aaron Goldman, Director of Client Strategy & Development, Resolution Media
  • Bob Heyman, Chief Search Officer, Mediasmith
  • Gord Hotchkiss, CEO & President, Enquiro

Search Insider Summit: Global Search Marketing

Managing a global search marketing campaign offers fresh opportunities and challenges for marketers pursuing customers in a worldwide market. How can marketers maintain effective and cohesive brand strategies while efficiently reaching targeted customers at different international local levels?
Moderator: Matt Kain, SVP, Business Development, 24/7 Real Media

  • Marcelo Sant’Iago, Director of Business Development, MídiaClick Brazil
  • Lawrence Herman, VP of Business Development and Sales, Miva

Matt Kain
The first of the challenges in a global campaign is how to mobilize your own resources. You may have limited choice in that; if you’re a US-based company, you need a different set of services than someone in many countries.

Search Insider Summit: Search Marketers Pursuing Display

Is there such thing as a pure search engine marketing agency anymore? Increasingly, search marketers are following the engines’ lead by planning banners, rich media, video, gadget and widget ads, blog and RSS ads, behavioral targeting, and sometimes even traditional media buys such as radio, print, and television. What expertise do search marketers bring to the table when expanding their offerings? Are there pitfalls of stretching themselves too thin? How can the various channels be measured together?

Moderator: Maura Lewis, Director, Measurement Planning & Analytics, Grey San Francisco

  • Kelly Graziadei, Sr. Agency Development Director, Yahoo
  • Dave Honig, VP of Media Services, Didit
  • Mike Jarvinen, Director, Search Marketing, The Search Agency

Increasingly search is expanding into other channels. Search overlaps more and more things.