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We’ve seen Yahoo’s most popular queries this year; we’ve seen Google’s. But we didn’t tell you about Ask’s top search queries for 2007. says they didn’t “sanitize” the list—as evidenced by including #3:

1. MySpace
2. Dictionary
3. Google
4. Themes
5. Area Codes
6. Cars
7. Weather
8. Games
9. Song Lyrics
10. Movies

And when they say they don’t sanitize it, they mean they didn’t take out porn terms, either. Odd . . . I could’ve sworn that the premise behind their big ad push this year was that Ask was a good way to find porn. . . .

Does it seem a little strange to anyone else how extremely generic these searches are? Other than MySpace and Google, what are these people looking for? “Themes”? The weather all over the entire world? Every movie ever made? Come on.

A few other interesting gems from their many lists: Ron Paul is the seventh most popular presidential candidate after Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Fred Thompson, John Edwards, Mitt Romney and John McCain—but don’t worry, Paulites. He’s still beating Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee and Dennis Kucinich.

Also interesting? No mention of Britney Spears anywhere. For once.

  • Maybe all the Ask users still expect the butler (Jeeves) to magically fill in the blanks for search phrase keywords 2,3,4…