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Photos from PubCon Las Vegas – Day Two

Alrighty then. I’ve added photos to Flickr from day two of PubCon. Here are a sample.

Someone can't park! Neil Patel - The Princess PubCon Exhibit Hall Shoemoney is a star!

  • MG

    I want to be there to man. As the photos shows it’s interesting for sure. Ferari ownzz :)

  • Matt Kilsdonk

    What is the Ferrari all about? Whatever the reason it is a great attention getter!

  • Jan

    Uh, Ferrari. Mine, mineee!!! :D

  • Andy Beal

    @Matt – you can get your photo taken in it.

  • Bob O’Donnell

    Yep – the ferrari is definately the star of the show. Awesome.

  • Bob O’Donnell

    Oh – and the guy with the pink vest on lol.

  • Mobile guy

    Who the speedy driver there?

  • Matik

    Who owns this Ferrari?:)

  • Funny Picture

    Now, how many of those people have you talked to at PubCon?

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