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Have you been a good boy or girl this year? While you might not be able to count on a visit from Santa, we won’t judge you: you get to read these picks, even if you’ve been a black hat this year. 😉

  • According to Shoemoney, Yahoo can’t tell where spam traffic is coming from and have shut him out from their affiliate network–despite him being one of their top affiliates.
  • BusinessWeek has an interesting article on Google’s “cloud computing” initiative. The guy behind it, was a boy genius. He didn’t learn to talk until age 2, but his first words were (after swallowing a fly): “Mommy, there’s something artificial in my mouth.”
  • Mainstream media wants to impose standards on citizen-journalists. Why, is there an approved MSM way to get the facts wrong? 😉
  • Just in time for Christmas, one of our advertisers, Quintura, has re-launched Quintura for Kids.